TRUGLO Introduces “STORM” Capture-Style Arrow Rest

TRUGLO Introduces "STORM" Capture-Style Arrow Rest
TRUGLO Introduces “STORM” Capture-Style Arrow Rest

Richardson, TX -( STORM is an ultra-lightweight capture-style arrow rest designed for a fast and quiet launch in all types of shooting.

With adjustable brushes that securely hold the arrow at almost any angle, TRUGLO STORM Capture-Style Arrow Rest provides reduced arrow contact, minimizing friction and increasing speed and accuracy. The ultra-tough, all-weather design is great for practice shooting, target or 3-D competition shooting, as well as hunting. STORM’s dual-coil launcher is adjustable as well as replaceable.

The patent-pending STORM is quick and easy to install, getting hunters and shooters on the range or in the field faster. The quick-change colored inserts offer archers a customized look, coordinating with their bow or other TRUGLO accessories.


  • STORM is intended for archers and hunters seeking reliability and accuracy paired with lasting outdoor toughness. This arrow rest is designed for both right and left handed archers, from beginners to experienced shooters.


  • STORM is made from CNC machined aluminum and features a black finish with laser engraved reference marks. This arrow rest can be purchased at major sporting goods retailers and pro-shops, as well as online retailers. Manufacturer suggested retail price is $49.


  • Capture–style arrow rest
  • Adjustable brushes hold arrow at almost any angle
  • Dual–coil launcher is adjustable / replaceable
  • Reduced arrow contact increases speed and accuracy
  • Fast and quiet arrow release
  • Ultra–tough and all–weather design
  • Great for target shooting, 3–D and hunting
  • Quick and easy installation
  • For left and right–handed bows
  • Choose from 5 color matching inserts to customize the arrow rest appearance
  • Patent pending

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