Washington Post on VA Shooter: It Was The Gun In His Hand, Not The Gay In His Heart

By AWR Hawkins

Admitted Gay Racist Democrat & Killer, Vester Lee Flanagan
Admitted Gay Racist Democrat & Killer, Vester Lee Flanagan
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)-In an August 26 215 column nearly as “rambling” and incoherent as the manifesto Vester Lee Flanagan left behind, The Washington Post editorial board pointed to the gun as the central problem and cited racial tensions, Flanagan’s admitted admiration for mass killers, and his “pathological grudge-[holding]” as contributing factors to the  murders of Allison Parker and Adam Ward.

Missing from the list of contributing factors was one thing Flanagan spoke to loud and clear in his manifesto–the ramifications of being gay.

When excerpts of Flanagan’s manifesto became available on August 26 2015 Breitbart News reported that he described himself as a “human powder keg” that was set to explode. He said his attack had been coming for some time and that the tipping point was the June 17 2105 attack on the church in Charleston.

In fact, he said he went and put money down on his gun two days later, on June 19 2105.

But he said something else that was very important; namely, that he faced “discrimination” from “black men and white females” and that “he was attacked for being a gay, black man.”

All these things welled up inside him.

Yet the WaPo column does even mention the fact Flanagan was gay or that he was distressed over how “black men” and others received him for being so. Instead, they cite his anger, his apparent willingness to “help alleged Charleston shooter Dylann Roof start the race war,” and his obsession with mass killers, then moved on to talk about how unbelievable it is that Congress and state legislatures will not act to address the real problem–the gun.

They suggested addressing gun control loopholes, “high capacity” magazine bans, and studies that circumvent Congress by letting federal agencies treat guns as a health issue. And they praised Governor Terry McAuliffe’s relentless push for more gun control as “the most productive response” to the Virginia shootings.

They even reminded us that “guns are not noble instruments of freedom.”

But they did not mention that Flanagan was gay…

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  • 11 thoughts on “Washington Post on VA Shooter: It Was The Gun In His Hand, Not The Gay In His Heart

    1. Re: background checks and other useless wastes of money. I don’t get it. A child of the baby-boomer generation, I grew up with firearms of all sorts. I received my first real firearm, a Winchester 22 rifle, for my sixth birthday, and my first handgun a year later.

      In those days there were very few restrictions on firearms. No age restrictions. No prohibitions on buying firearms by mail. I remember walking into a Sears store at the age of 13 and buying an old British army surplus Lee Enfield 303 rifle, no questions asked. I slung it over my shoulder and walked through town with it to my home, 5 miles away, without raising anyone’s hackles. I bought US military surplus M1 rifles, 1911A1 45 pistols, and a couple of German Lugers by mail from Klein’s Sporting Goods in Chicago. None cost me more than $25.

      I carried that old Enfield rifle to school with me, shooting game to take to school for biology class–at the request of the school principal. My rifle and ammo went to class with me, with nary a peep from anyone. It was no big deal. No one was shot, hurt or emotionally disturbed by it.

      Using the “progressive liberal” hoplophobic train of thought, those days should have seen widespread mayhem, shootings, blood running in the streets. Nay nay. To the contrary, those were times of civil discourse, 2 parent families, a period of low crime rates.

      As more and more restrictions were placed on the right of the people to keep and bear arms, crime rates soared and society came unhinged.

      I say repeal ALL gun control laws. Enact the “Kennesaw Law”, which requires that every head-of-household in the city keep and bear arms–and which caused a phenomenal drop in crime after its passage.

      Anyway, that’s my 2 cents worth.

    2. He had two different lawsuits that were settled, he got compensated and everything was sealed and signed off.

      Nobody will know what the details are unless they get it unsealed for the investigation.

      He had no criminal or medical records that would disqualify him from owning the Glocks.

    3. We all know this guy was a nut. He was 1, democrat, 2. journalist wannabe 3. homosexual 4. racist and because of these he thought himself to be superior. Heck he should have run for office. He would fit right in with the other wackos. Such as: feinstein, schumer, cuomo, reid, obama, clintons et al, mcconnell, boehner, mccain, boxer the dwarf and the list goes on and on………. God save America. Throw all of congress and the white house OUT.

    4. Why wasn’t any of this found in his background check? Because mental health history is not available to agencies doing the background check! Everyone wants their right to privacy. Background checks need to be open, yet kept confidential by the agency. Had the background check been able to see these things before it happened. They may have denied his application. HIPAA laws prevent mental heath record from being seen by investigators. The only thing they have is the box checked by the applicant, guess what? HE LIED!

      1. Paul, yes he lied..of course, nearly all of them do..Crazy is very good at covering up it’s craziness when
        they want something the “Norms” have..secondly, I do believe,,,believe, not know.. that Virginia has mental health reporting to NICS FBI program and he should have been denied. I hold Progressive Liberal political correctness responsible and the fear its created in the work place to terminate and or arrest said head cases for threats against coworkers, violence in the work place, obvious paranoia, etc..he should have been take in for evaluation several times in his career by recent reports…BUT HIPA as stated and the fact he was a Protected Class of individual being both black and gay, H.R. and corportate lawyers put the fear of god, lawsuits and their own termination to management in reporting these issues, calling a nut job on their craziness or firing the SOB the first time they cross the line..

      2. What background checks need is to be ended, they don’t work. They have no effect on crime rates. Background checks are a threat to our rights.

      3. Paul,
        You have a good point, but you can’t deny something because you think he might kill someone. In this country, you are innocent till proven guilty. How many mentally challenged people have guns you dont know about? Their not going around killing anyone. Mental health issues are private issues.

      4. Paul, it didn’t show up on his background check because he was never ADJUDICATED mentally ill OR involuntarily admitted to a mental institution. That’s the LAW and that’s the way is had better stay, or, like Stalin and his ilk (including our little king) would just declare any who do not agree with their policies to be “mentally ill” and sent to the Gulag.
        Mental illness is a very serious and needs a lot of very serious debate in this country.

      5. Your interpretation of the NICS system would include a much broader category of people barred by a Yes response to Question 11.f. of ATF Form 4473.

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