Victory Archery’s VAP Elite Arrows Delivers Unmatched Performance

Victory Archery’s VAP Elite Arrows
Victory Archery’s VAP Elite Arrows

Victory Archery

USA -( When your entire season’s success hinges on that one perfect shot, you cannot afford anything less than the highest quality, best performing arrow the archery industry has to offer.

Enter Victory Archery’s newest model of 100% carbon fiber arrows, the Victory Archery VAP Elite. These advanced new arrows provide speed, penetration and most importantly, a straightness rating unbeaten by any competitor. If you’re not shooting Victory’s VAP Elite, you are not shooting up to your true potential.

Little things mean a lot and that is why the innovative minds at Victory Archery designed the Victory VAP Elite with the tightest straightness tolerances in the industry. In fact, no manufacturer has ever commercially produced a straighter arrow than the Victory VAP Elite. The arrow features +/- .001-inch straightness, tight weight tolerances and Victory’s Spine alignment process to produce the world’s finest arrow for field, 3-D or hunting.

The Victory VAP Elite starts with 100 percent Hi-Modulus carbon fiber providing the strength hunters require for tough bone-shattering shots. It also provides the durability demanded by top target and 3-D archers packing multiple arrows into a small bullseye. Engineers designed the VAP with a Micro Outer Diameter and Constant Inner Diameter. Victory’s VAP was built using a consistent design for consistent performance you can rely on shot after shot. Hunters will enjoy the increased penetration and performance of the micro diameter shaft while target archers will benefit from an arrow less affected by crosswinds. The increased penetration from small-diameter arrows is a blessing to a hunter and the bane of 3-D or target archers shooting into foam.

Arrows that penetrate deep are often hard to pull. One errant pull and you could find yourself shooting a less than straight arrow. Victory’s engineers foresaw this potential pitfall and developed the Nano Ceramic “ICE” coating. The ICE coating actually increases penetration to benefit the hunter, but also allows for easy arrow removal from foam targets.

A straight arrow wouldn’t mean much without the design features and attention to detail during the manufacturing process to ensure a top quality product. Victory Archery manufacturers the VAP Elite and meticulously weighs each shaft to ensure the weights are within +/- 0.5-grain per dozen. The arrow is then tested to determine the arrow’s spine for the most accurate fletching alignment and hand fletched for the highest quality control in the industry.

Success in the field is only possible after significant practice ensuring you will be ready to harvest the hard-fought trophy of a lifetime. Although you’ll need to practice like you’ll hunt, the VAP was designed to favor the hunter. Perhaps that is most evident in the Penetrator Hunting System. The Penetrator Hunting System is ready for your favorite field points, but also adapts perfectly to all 8/32-inch broadheads. The patent-pending, 7075 aluminum alloy Penetrator Hunting System also incorporates Victory Archery’s exclusive Impact Protection Sleeve to defend the tip from impact damage.

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Victory Archery offers a wide variety of high performance, 100% carbon arrows for both hunting and target shooters of all ages. For more information about Victory Archery visit, or call toll-free 866-934-6565.

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6 years ago

” In fact, no manufacturer has ever commercially produced a straighter arrow than the Victory VAP Elite. The arrow features +/- .001-inch straightness” Gold Tips entire Pro line has been manufactured to +/- .001″ for years. Any arrow they make, with Pro at the end is like that. Carbon Express arrows are laser checked to 1/10,000th of an inch. Easton has several arrows that are within +/- .001″. In other words, this entire claim is a bunch of crap. It may also be worth noting for others that Victory VAP arrows are made in Vietnam and the outserts they use… Read more »