Wayne Carlton’s Calls Introduces Two New Custom Wood Elk Calls

Custom Wood Elk Calls

(AmmoLand.com) The new Whispering Cow and Boss Cow Custom Wood Elk Calls from Wayne Carlton’s Calls® produce realistic cow elk sounds that can bring in even the most wary bulls.

Both calls are of open reed design and can easily produce all of the vocalizations of a cow or calf elk. The reed is held in place by an “O” ring that can be quickly moved for changing pitch and tone of the call. The soundboard is notched to hold the “O” ring in place once the desired sound is achieved.

The Boss Cow produces plenty of volume for medium to long-range calling. The Whispering Cow has a silencer cap on the end for soft calling to bring bulls in close. Both calls feature a great-looking, custom-made walnut and maple wood barrel with a textured elk antler design.

The Boss Cow sells for a suggested retail price of $17.99 and the Whispering Cow for $17.99.

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About Wayne Carlton Calls:

Wayne Carlton’s Calls features the highest quality elk, bear and moose calls that every level of hunter can count on for success. Designed by Wayne himself, the innovator in diaphragm calls for elk and other game, these calls create the perfect tone that can be reproduced by any level of hunter. A successful Western hunt begins with Wayne Carlton’s Calls. Wayne Carlton’s Calls is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hunters Specialties, Inc.