Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. Releases New Bro-Spec Series

Black Rain Ordnance Inc. breaches the low cost AR market with the BRO-SPEC-SERIES.

Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. Releases New Bro-Spec Series
Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. Releases New Bro-Spec Series
Black Rain Ordnance, Inc.
Black Rain Ordnance, Inc.

Neosho, MO -( Black Rain Ordnance has been known for it’s high quality, American made, billet rifles and components since 2009, but with that quality comes a price tag that may be out of reach for some consumers including law enforcement agencies who have to make every dollar count when considering equipment for officers and agents.

In 2015 Black Rain Ordnance responded to this by developing the BRO-SPEC-SERIES, a line of forged components and rifles that offer the consumer a much lower cost but preserve Black Rain’s dedication to quality.

“This is an option for law enforcement agencies who have to justify the amount they’re spending to the taxpayer,” said Jared Moser, general manager of Black Rain Ordnance Inc.

He added that this new series of products is also aimed at consumers who may be purchasing their first rifles or looking for an “abusable” companion to their existing Black Rain Ordnance rifle.

“It’s like having a Ferrari and a Toyota in the same garage, the Ferrari is fun, it looks cool, it goes fast, and you show it off whenever you get the chance, but you’re going to let your son borrow the Toyota for his date because it’s not an expensive mistake if he accidentally backs it into a light post.”

Currently there are two products in the BRO-SPEC-SERIES available to the general public, the BRO-SPEC15 stripped upper receiver, and the BRO-SPEC15 charging handle, with more products being developed and released in the coming months.

“Our goal with this project is to make a Black Rain quality rifle that a first time or price conscious consumer can get into for under $1000.00. It’s made in the USA like all our products and is backed by our warranty,” said Jared, “we love being part of something that brings people together and we see this as a way to invite more people to the party.”

The BRO-SPEC-SERIES is now available for purchase at the new Black Rain Ordnance online store

About Black Rain Ordnance, Inc.:

Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. is a precision firearms manufacturer based in Neosho, MO. They can be reached toll free at 888.836.2620 or by email at [email protected]

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