Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing day in Georgia

Free, Fun Outdoor Events For All

Georgia Nature Students
Celebrate National Hunting and Fishing day in Georgia
Georgia DNR Wildlife Resource Division

Georgia -(Ammoland.com)-  No matter if you spend a lot of time outdoors or are brand new to such recreational activities, you will most certainly enjoy any of the many FREE celebratory events scheduled for National Hunting and Fishing Day, Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015, according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources’ Wildlife Resources Division.

“If you are interested in outdoor activities, such as hunting, fishing, wildlife watching, but don’t know how to get started or want to improve, please make plans to attend one of these events,” said Dan Forster, director of the Wildlife Resources Division.  “Knowledgeable staff and volunteers will help you have the best time possible and then will encourage you to take the activity beyond this one day.”

What is National Hunting and Fishing Day? The U.S. Congress and President Richard Nixon established this day in 1973 to recognize generations of hunters and anglers for the time and money they donate to wildlife conservation programs.

Events offered in Georgia include kids’ fishing events and Outdoor Adventure Days.  Activities will differ at each event – but some highlights include archery and air rifle shooting, trout fishing, snake shows, wildlife programs, exhibits and more.  These events are spread out across the whole state – meaning that one is probably near you!

In addition to these events, a FREE fishing day is offered to all Georgia residents on Saturday, Sept. 26, 2015.  On this day, residents do NOT need a fishing license or a trout license to fish on any public waters in the state including lakes, streams, ponds and public fishing areas (PFA).  In addition, residents do not need to obtain a wildlife management area (WMA) license to fish on a PFA, WMA or on Waters Creek on this day.

For more information on NHF Day in Georgia, including a complete listing of all events in the state, visit www.georgiawildlife.com/get-involved/nhfday .


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