Country Music Legends Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers Release New Song

Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers
Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers
Remington Arms Company, LLC

Branson, MO -( Country music legends and Grand Ole Opry members Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers have released “An American with a Remington,” a song that reminds listeners what it means to be an American at a time when extremists threaten our culture.

The song was originally released in raw form via a YouTube video filmed in a dressing room in Branson, MO. That video quickly received over 5 million views. Larry was soon on his way to “Fox & Friends” for a national performance, which lead to the song being taken to the studio for professional production.

Combining their soaring three-part harmonies with historical references and patriotic symbolism, Larry Gatlin & The Gatlin Brothers continue a tradition of excellence heard in songs like “All the Gold in California,” “Houston,” and “Broken Lady.”

It’s a song worth hearing and it’s available via download here: iTunes Download.

About Remington Outdoor Company:

ROC, headquartered in Madison, N.C., designs products for the hunting, shooting, self-defense, military, and law enforcement markets. Founded in 1816, ROC is the nation’s oldest gun maker and one of the largest domestic producers of firearms and ammunition. ROC employs over 3,500 people and distributes its products throughout the U.S. and over 55 countries. ROC includes globally recognized brands such as Remington, Remington 1816, Bushmaster, DPMS, Marlin, H&R, Mountain Khakis, Advanced Armament Corp., Dakota Nesika, Storm Lake and Barnes Bullets.

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I LOVE IT and you guys too!

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

And while I own several Remingtons they will not be the ones these arsehats will be staring down the barrel of for a few seconds. It’ll more likely be my Daniel Defense Carbine (CQB setup) or my Bushmaster (Designated Marksman setup) .

Glenn Snow

I enjoyed your song immensely! Thanks for putting a smile on this face because those smiles are getting harder to find. God Bless America!!!

Charles & Pam Keethler

Guys that was great. I have many Remingtons. Enjoy them and you.