Dealing With Dispatchers After A Deadly Force Incident ~ Video

Dealing With Dispatchers After A Deadly Force Incident
Dealing With Dispatchers After A Deadly Force Incident

USA – -( Dispatchers can be your friends, but as with anything else you do when involved with a deadly force incident, you should use good judgment in your communications with them.

The first thing to make note of is that everything you say to a dispatcher is recorded. So in the interest of your legal defense, say as little as possible.

The second thing to remember is that dispatchers are not police officers. They cannot tell you what to do. They might make suggestions, but they cannot give orders.

Remember, dispatchers are the people who will get help rolling your way, but they will also be recording your every word and an unscrupulous lawyer could use those words against you.

Kevin Michalowski

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K. L. Jamison

If you call your lawyer first, you will be accused of cooking up a story. It happened to a client of mine.

If you use the “reverse Miranda” Adnarim statement you will be thought a jailhouse lawyer and everything you say will be interpreted through the prism of that prejudice.

Brother Korwin’s book is excellent, except for the Adnarim statement. His advice “I was attacked” is the one to use.

Vom Brunhaus

For EVERY Call I simply give my address and state “Send Help” then hang up. Patrol cars are then given the message of address and “unknown Emergency”


EASY… if you talk to anyone use the Adnarim statement.. say no more or better yet state ” I’m WAITING FOR MY ATTORNEY ” let your attorney do the talking. Mater of fact call him first , let him do the talking.
Get some reading material…… Alan Korwins book ” After you shoot” is great reading,… read the back cover first….. before you shoot someone!… it could save your life.


Say you were involved in a self defense shooting,give the address,send police immediately. Hang up ! Answer few or no questions from law enforcement,get lawyer.