Do the Poor have a Right to Self-Defense?

High Point C-9 Luger 9mm Semi Auto
High Point C-9 Luger 9mm Semi Auto
Student of the Gun Radio
Student of the Gun Radio

Biloxi, Mississippi (Ammoland) It was not long ago that I stood in a gun shop listening to the local “experts” discussing the merits of this handgun versus the other. One of the more boisterous of the crowd pointed to the glass display case and said with disgust, “I’d rather not own a gun than own a Hi-Point.”

The gun culture is much like a religion. People cling to brands and calibers, not based so much from practical experience but due to the emotional attachment they have to the hardware. Hell, this is America and, unless you live in a slave state, you are free to purchase most any tool or toy you desire. Some folks will drop $3000 on a custom Wilson Combat and others are satisfied to spend $500 and the latest Glock model.

But what about the person who has perhaps $200 total to invest in a gun and ammunition? To listen to many gun shop “experts”, rather than spend $200 today, the person in question should save their money up until they can afford a “good” gun. Of course, the term “good gun” is rather subjective. What is a good gun? I suppose a sound definition of a “good gun” is one that chambers a practical/reliable cartridge and will consistently cycle those cartridges one after the other.

In Detroit, Michigan, a mother of three faced a nightmare that is all too real in that city; violent home invasion. Three armed thugs kicked open the door to her house and invaded the threshold. Fortunately, the woman in this case did not take the advice of the gun shop “experts” to wait and save her money for a “good” gun. This mother had a Hi-Point 9mm carbine in her hands and she exchanged rounds with the vermin sending them fleeing for their lives. The Detroit PD was able to apprehend them. However, based upon history, we know that these societal leaches will not stay gone for long.

Police Chief, James Craig, Detroit’s top cop, knows the score. In a public statement, Craig advised the remaining good people of the Motor City to arm themselves. Chief Craig and his officers not only recognize that an armed citizenry is the key to fighting crime, they are openly supporting that idea.

Can every one who truly needs a firearm for self-protection afford a Kimber stuffed full of Hydrshoks? Of course, the answer to that question is “no”. The reality of our world is that many of those most in need for a firearm for personal defense are also those with the lowest level of disposable income. Do the poor of the nation have the right to self-defense? Or, is self-protection with arms a privilege reserved for those who can afford more expensive tools?

Far too often member of the gun culture climb up on their high horse and begin to pontificate about their favorite blaster in their favorite caliber. Any who would dare question their “expert” advice are viewed as unworthy plebs. Sometimes people need an inexpensive gun.

The firearms produced by Hi-Point are not pretty. They do not have hardwood grip panels or polished stainless finishes. They use a lot of polymer and the basic models are black (newer models have camo patterns). The guns use single column magazines and though that reduces the round count it also helps ensure reliability in these low cost guns.

Yes, most of those in this audience likely have a decent amount of disposable income and can therefore afford a more pricey gun. Nonetheless, just because you can shell out the cash for the newest SIG pistol, does not mean everyone else can. Before you join in the chorus of “save your money and buy a good gun” take moment and pause. You might consider that when it comes to genuine self-protection, even the poor should have a right to self-defense and it that right manifests itself in a Hi-Point pistol or carbine, then so be it.

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I have owned a .45 High Point for over 20 yrs. It cost me $140 and is at least as accurate as any high price pistol I have ever fired. It is an ugly duckling but it hits what you shoot at. That is all that counts. It is bulky, but you pull one of those out, it is going to scare the hell out of anyone before you kill him. He may die of a heart attack first.


I sold firearms for over 20 years and I held the Hi Point in disdain. It is crude, hard to manipulate,and the safety sucks. It is also difficult to clean properly.It took twice as long to get a customer thru the Mandatory California Safe Handling Tests then most guns. And when one of my customers claimed that it was more accurate then his Glock I started to reach for a straight jacket. Over the years my opinion changed as customer after customer came in and praised the relative accuracy and reliability of this firearm.I STOPPED recommending the customer wait until… Read more »

Dave from San Antonio

While I, personally, don’t own a Hi-Point, a friend of mine does. We went to the range a couple weeks ago and, while there, he asked me to fire a magazine or two with his Hi-Point. We swapped guns and did some firing. His Hi-Point went bang every time and was surprisingly accurate. If it’s what you can afford…go with one…they are not that bad.

Les Williamson

I own both a 9 and 40 highpoint carbine and the eat anything and are very accurate for hitting bad guy shiloettes out to 80 yards easy

Ray Jones

I have 2, a 40 and a 45, bothe have never choked, screw the gun snobs!


Based on comments about their customer service, I would have thought he would have said Kel-Tec, but not for me to judge. When the SHTF, having any gun handy is a blessing. For the concealed carry accessories I sell, Taurus is the clear leader. The buyers all range from rich to poor. The weird thing that I’ve noticed is that college educators seem to favor SCCY. Does anybody know why?


Maybe…it’s because they are “college educators” or maybe because they just like the initials…SCCY. Who knows?


Yes they are ugly as sin, BUT when you hit the bang switch it goes BANG. They are probably one of the toughest handguns made today. I am considering getting a couple for truck guns. Check out the utube hi point torture test.


I have 4 Hi-Point weapons/3 pistols&1carbine. They have never failed to work-any ammo-theynever fail to shoot. If you know your weapon(any make or type) accuracy shouldn’t be a problem.


I own Sigs, Glocks, Rugers & S&W’s but I certainly wouldn’t sneer at a Hi-Point if i was in need of a gun. As long as it goes bang when i need it to, it’s got a place in my safe.

Pantera Vazquez

I wear a Ruger SR-9 day in day out as a duty pistol, yet my backup is a Keltec PF-9. Inexpensive?, yes~ yet it goes bang every time. Today’s bargain handguns are not all “Saturday night specials “.

Steve Scott

Does it matter what color the poor person is?


If given the time/choice in an emergency, between grabbing say my Cz or one of my S&W’s or my High-Point Carbine…
The High-Point will get the nod EVERY time.Greater power/penetration and accuracy with the same ammo. Defensive hand guns are fo when you can’t reach a long gun.

Donald Luksan

I would rather have a hipoint than nothing. They are reliable,and fairly accurate. Also self defense isn,t target shooting.