Dr. Paul Gallant, Second Amendment Defender & AmmoLand Contributor Dies

Tribute by good friends By Dr. Joanne D. Eisen & Mr. Alan J Chwick

Paul Gallant
Dr. Paul Gallant, 1945-2015
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

New York –-(Ammoland.com)-  Dr. Paul Gallant, Optometrist, born October 7th, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York, died unexpectedly on August 26, 2015. He was just 70 years old.

Paul is survived by his wife, Sherry; children, Jeffrey and Joanna; their spouses Eileen and Andy (respectively); his grandchildren, Brayden, Cavan, Alxisa and Caitlin; and an older sister, Isabel Strasser.

Paul graduated from City University of New York-Brooklyn College (1969, B.S. M.A., Chemistry) and then from State University of New York College of Optometry (1976, O.D.). He married Sherry in 1968. Paul began working as a Clinical Instructor at SUNY College of Optometry (1976 – 1981) and as an Optometrist at Gouverneur Hospital (1976 – 1991) before engaging in the private practice of Optometry (Rockland County, NY & Lindenhurst, NY) from 1976 to the present.

Paul was accomplished at not only Optometry, where he often wrote on Optometric technical issues in the prominent journals, but he was also a dedicated individual who loved, supported and actively wrote on global issues of freedom, including the US Second Amendment.

Paul was no softy when it came to these issues. He was no softy when it came to the Truth. And, he was no softy when lies were told, as they so often are, about torture, genocide and gun owners. For these, Paul turned into a tenacious bulldog.

He wrote editorials to local papers, disputing their firearms stances, but his talent was way more than just finding facts and relaying them back to the choir. He would find the way a lie/fact was told, and expose the truth, even to those who were fooled by the original lie. He would spend hours, even days, figuring out the lies, to turn them around.

Paul also had a strong global reach. He, with the collaboration with others, leaves a legacy of articles and journal papers that are, to this day, downloaded in the Ukraine, China and countries where freedom is craved, but denied.

“Paul, along with his wife, was a great supporter of AmmoLand Shooting Sports News. AmmoLand has published much of his recent work in the last seven years, and each article is worth re-reading and sharing. I had the pleasure of speaking with Paul quite often and he was always concerned that not enough people were not more concerned and protective of the second amendment. He was always looking for new ways to stir up more people in support the RKBA” said Fredy Riehl editor of AmmoLand Shooting Sports News .

In 2006, Paul found facts about forcible weapons control in Uganda, which was distributed at the UN that summer. The army in Uganda had been torturing and murdering local armed Karamojong tribesmen, but when that article was released, donor countries withdrew funding. Many Ugandan lives that year were saved.

Paul helped bring an Oromo dissident journalist from Ethiopia, safety to the US, who will remember Paul as a kind mentor and unshakable friend.

“He was my rescuer, my co-author and even my optometrist,” said the journalist. “I will always remember his selfless and generous acts.”

The funeral was quietly held at Mount Golda Cemetery in Huntington Station, NY on Friday, August 28th, 2015, and shivah followed afterwards. Condolences can be sent to Ms. Sherry Gallant, 455 N. Wellwood Avenue, Lindenhurst, NY 11757.

Paul spent many hours, many days, his life, serving us by figuring out the lies and by proving to us that we were not guilty of anything, but our love of Freedom and our belief in the precepts of out Founders.

So rest well, Paul. You always did the best job possible. And as another friend said, “I will miss his spirit, his energy and his shy smile.”

We all lost a Freedom Fighter, an outspoken author and a great friend.

We will never forget you. RIP.

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Charlie French

I’m so sorry to learn of Paul’s death, a true Patriot of FREEDOM! I will truly miss his emails and friendship! Rest in peace my friend, ARMED!

Patrick Brophy

Paul, you fought the good fight, fought it so very well, and you never stopped fighting it. Men like that are rare indeed, and you will be missed all the more so for it. Rest in peace.

Craig Witkowski

Paul was also my eye doctor, as well as a friend and an inspiration for my pro-RKBA letters to the local gun-hating liberal media. Paul was also an Amateur Radio (ham) operator. We first met many years ago in a local ham club before we met again in a local gun club. He will be missed by all he touched among his many fields of expertise.

Rest in peace Paul.

73 & Molon Labe

Clifford D. Weiss, CPO

Dear Sherry and Family,

I’m so sorry to learn of your loss. Dr. Paul Gallant will be greatly missed and an intellectual and logical void is now left in our world.

Oh Paul, I hope so much that your soul returns soon to reside in the heart of a new visionary Human Rights Defender. We need you so much… Thank you for your life’s work and the inspiration that you’ve created in many good people’s hearts and minds.


Jeffrey Wollman

R I P Paul! You certainly were one of a kind. My wife Suzanna and I send our most sincere condolences. You will be most missed by all firearm enthusiasts!

RM Molon Labe

You will be missed fellow Patriot…Prayers to your family and condolences…
Molon Labe

Jacob Rieper

Peace my friend.

George Rogero

Paul was a great inspiration to many of us. I was on his original Minuteman mailing list. I remember waiting till late at night for the phone rates to change and downloading messages at 1,400 baud rate on my Compuserv account. I had not talked to him very much in recent years but I still thought of him and did send him an email last year. It is hard to measure how much of an impact someone’s work has but I think the greatest impact Paul had was as an example that inspired many others to become involved and Paul… Read more »

Larry Goodson

Paul, you were a hero to many of us and a staunch, articulate defender of our cherished Second Amendment. Our deepest condolences to your family from the entire RKBA community.

Ralph J. Rubinek

Rest in peace dear friend. My deepest condolences to all who loved and endeared him. I feel a terrible loss.