John Nagel Joins Magnum Research as Pro Shooter

Magnum Research
Magnum Research

Greeley, PA -( Magnum Research is proud to announce that John Nagel has joined their pro staff as a Magnum Research Pro Shooter. Nagel, who hails from Lawrenceville, Georgia, will represent Magnum Research at shooting events across the U.S. beginning in the fall of 2015.

Nagel is a self-professed competitor at heart, having started in his youth as a national champion Kart racer. From karts, he grew into competitive shooting matches and soon was winning national titles. Nagel has earned his AAA card from IHMSA competitions, a master classification from NSSF at the 2013 world match, and is a member of the 1-Second Club, hitting 3 targets with 5 shots in just 1 second. In addition, Nagel has competed in USPSA GSSF and various other competitions, including cowboy action and extreme long range silhouette matches.

John Nagel
John Nagel

Nagel joins the Magnum Research team after serving for 2 years with the TACSOL (Tactical Solutions) team. His success also includes 10 NSSF regional wins in 3 separate divisions, 2 silver medals from the 2014 US Steel Nationals and silver medals from the past two NSSF World Championships. Additionally, Nagel has received 2 silver medals at the Steel Challenge Shooting Association World Championship. In total, he has earned 7 world records with rimfire rifle competitions.

“We are thrilled that John will be representing Magnum Research as he competes in the NSSF Rimfire Challenge World Championship in October,” said Frank Harris, VP of Marketing and Sales for Kahr Firearms Group. “His outstanding accomplishments as a competitor, combined with his expertise with rimfire rifles will really demonstrate the accuracy of our products.”

Nagel believes that, “With the incredible accuracy and unprecedented reliability of Magnum Research products, I will undoubtedly improve with each competition. I am very much looking forward to representing Magnum Research in competitions around the country.”

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