M1A Up for Grabs in Final Springfield Armory ‘Monday Gun Day’

9:28 - Monday Gun Day

Springfield Armory USA
Springfield Armory USA

GENESEO, IL (AmmoLand) – A $3,600 Springfield Armory M1A will be given away in the final “Monday Gun Day” of DUEL 3. Springfield Armory has been giving away daily and weekly prizes throughout the month of September as part of the promotion.

One lucky winner will receive an M1A Super Match rifle. To participate in the promotion, just visit DUEL.Springfield-Armory.com/Vote. Your votes will enter you to win both today’s prize and the DUEL 3 grand prize. The grand-prize winner will be announced Thursday, Oct. 1 – all votes throughout the month are entered for this last big prize.

Participants can register at DUEL.Springfield-Armory.com to vote in the weekly “duel,” in which two Springfield Armory firearms are pitted against each other in a side-by-side comparison. Each vote increases a participant’s chances of winning prizes, and registered participants can vote up to once an hour.

Upcoming DUEL 3 prizes:

  • 29: “Tactical Day” – $7,500 prize package, including 1911 Silent Operator
  • 30: Grand Prize – $6,100 prize package, including:
    • 1911 Custom Handgun from Springfield Custom Shop
    • Travel and lodging for trip to visit Springfield Armory
    • Range time with world-champion shooter Rob Leatham
    • Lifetime membership to National Rifle Association (NRA)
    • Ammo package from Atlanta Arms

Gear Up & Go Promotion: In addition to the DUEL 3 promotion, from Sept. 1-Dec. 31, 2015, Springfield Armory is running a Gear Up & Go promotion. Any new purchase of a Springfield Armory XD, XD Mod.2, XD(M), XD-S or 1911 handgun includes two extra magazines, a dual-pistol range bag and a double-mag pouch free with purchase.

About DUEL 3: This is Springfield Armory’s third iteration of one of the shooting industry’s largest gun and gear promotions. Participants are eligible for daily and weekly prizes, as well as one grand prize. http://duel.springfield-armory.com

DUEL 3 Sponsors – http://duel.springfield-armory.com/sponsors

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Norinco make a M14S “Clone” Copy Rifle in 7.62x51mm/NATO for only $750.00 USD. ~4.8 times CHEAPER then the Springfield M1A…


Your -M-1 and AR-15 are master peace`s just sexy to look at.(USMC Vet) J.D.W.

Thomas Fisher

I registered but when I logged in to vote I received a message that nobody was registered with that email. Is this just a scam to get personal information?