Malicious Conspiracy Theories On The WDBJ News Crew Shooting

By Philip Van Cleave

Virginia TV Shooting Slow Motion Shows No Bullet Casings
To make the lie seem real, all the video conspiracy theorists had to do was delete that one frame and, presto, no slide movement and no ejected casing appears.
Virginia Citizens Defense League
Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington VA –-( I am totally disgusted with a bunch of conspiracy-theory videos on the internet dealing with the WDBJ shootings.

The people (for lack of a better word) who put these videos together are no better than the gun-controllers who love to dance in the blood of the innocent victims of violent crime.

The theme behind the videos is that the shooting was a fake in order to push gun control.

If you need an example one is here but I don’t want to send thenm the traffic:

I hate going over this tragedy in such analytical detail, but I cannot let the lies stand unchallenged.

The conspiracy theorists claim that the murderer’s video shows that the slide on the semi-automatic handgun never goes back and no casing is ejected from the gun, which would be impossible if the gun was to fire another shot. They even try to prove their case by showing the shooting in very slow motion.

Not trusting their version of the video, I got a copy of the original and stepped through it frame-by-frame. Sure enough, one of the frames shows the gun in full recoil with an empty casing appearing just above the reporter’s left elbow. In the very next frame, the casing is off screen, the slide has moved forward, and the gun has lowered back down.

To make the lie seem real, all the conspiracy theorists had to do was delete that one frame and, presto, no slide movement and no ejected casing appears.

Other conspiracy claims:

  • Because the reporter was able to run and there was no visible blood, the shooting was fake. This shows total ignorance about the subject. A person who is shot, unless the shot is in the head, does not immediately show any bleeding, especially if they are hit in an area where there are clothes. Blood exploding into the air upon being shot in the torso is a Hollywood myth. And unless the bullet hits someone’s head or goes through their spine, they are able to run away. Even with a shot through the heart, they can run for a short distance.
  • Another theorist claims that the reporter is nodding just before she is shot on the WDBJ video feed, but is not nodding on the murderer’s footage. Again, looking at the ORIGINAL video from the murderer and NOT that provided by the conspiracy theorist, the reporter is indeed nodding her head just before the shots start.

And lastly, how could anybody pull off a fake shooting like this? For that to happen everyone that works for WDBJ, everyone that works for the hospital where the survivor was taken, the survivor, the coroner, and the police would all have to be in on it. Good luck with that.

The shooting was for real, but the conspiracy theorists do have one thing right: it IS being used to push for more gun control.

Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

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So why didn’t you put a link to “your” original version of the shooting you claim to have gotten. I’ve looked at every video I could find and even one who claims there was a shell ejecting and I have yet to see it. Your account of the events and of how someone acts when hit with a bullet lacks evidence. The evidence out ways the side of the video being a hoax. As for the person shot and brought to the hospital, the hospital doesn’t have a record of her. You need to do more research before you write… Read more »


Go put your aluminum hat back on and wait for the mother ship to pick you up.


If the woman was really shot I find her reaction amazing. She shows not the slightest shudder or the tiniest physical discomfort from having a bunch of bullets fired into her from about five feet. Her jaw drops. She turns and sprints away. I suppose this behaviour is theoretically possible in a ‘beheaded chicked’ kind of way, but were is your evidence that this is any kind of normal reaction to being shot multiple times? Even if this behaviour has happened before why not even the tiniest automatic physical reaction to bullet-impscts? If you want to condemn people for using… Read more »

richard davis

FAKE. There is no frame in which the shell ejects. I’ve slowed it down to 1/100th speed. No shell. She did NOT get shot on film. Officially the story is she was shot at the end of the boardwalk. You saw the women reacting to sound, no one was shot on film. Bryce missed from two feet away, but the wood behind Alison didn’t splinter. Where’d the bullets go? Bryce walked to the wall behind the T intersection, then walked BACK THE WAY HE CAME down the boardwalk perpendicular to the one which Alison ran down. If he did shoot… Read more »

Jose Velazquez

I am tottaly against the lies, especially as a pro-gunner. I do not feel we need to go that roue at all. I do however would like to see the original footage that would easily settle this matter. I am hoping someone honest and responsible would post both videos for a side by side comparison. Unfortunately the real blame on the distrust is caused by the media.


No doubt Miss Parker took a round to her abdomen, the video shows her facial reaction.

Unfortunate that this happened and lives were lost that day.


How can they account for the fact the woman being interviewed was shot in the back and needed emergency surgery?

Jim Jones



How can you have a “Conspiracy” on an Event, if the Event was Recorded on Video for ALL TO SEE. It’s ONLY a “Conspiracy” if you make it one.


Everyone who claims this shooting was faked is probably baked. 1. Slowing this video to ‘1/100th speed’ is just plain silly. Mobile phones record at either 24 or 30 frames per second. Even at 30fps the likelihood of the slide cycling across 2 frames is about 50/50. It just doesn’t take that long for the slide to cycle. The same goes for the spent cartridge remaining on frame given the orientation of the phone and the distance from the weapon: it just wouldn’t be in-frame long enough to show on multiple frames under the circumstances. And you can’t slow something… Read more »