Murdered WDBJ Reporter’s Father Rate “D” by the NRA Eight Years Ago

Andy Parker
Andy Parker

Virginia Citizens Defense League

Covington Va. -( His daughter isn’t buried yet, but Andy Parker, father of murdered WDBJ reporter, Alison Parker, is jumping on the gun-control wagon, including finding the time to write an Op Ed!

Mr. Parker ran as a Democrat for a Virginia House of Delegates seat in 2007. He did not respond to a Virginia Citizens Defense League survey, but apparently did respond to the NRA’s survey.

They rated him a “D.” He lost the race by approximately 30%.

In the first article, Mr. Parker says he’s going to make it his life’s mission to work for gun control. He will do so just as soon as he, er, buys a gun to protect himself.

Yet, Parker said that he is “probably going to have to get a gun” because of the culture in the United States.

“When you’re in the media, as you know, and when you are taking on an issue like this, there are a lot of people who take exception to what you are saying, so I will probably have to do that,” Parker said.

He does not currently own a gun, but said: “I don’t want to take any chances.”


Virginia Citizens Defense League, Inc. (VCDL). VCDL is an all-volunteer, non-partisan grassroots organization dedicated to defending the human rights of all Virginians. The Right to Keep and Bear Arms is a fundamental human right. Visit:

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Unfortunate the woman being interviewed or the camera man did not have their own firearm for defense.


To quote another article that appeared today..

Mr. Parker you are no John Walsh.


Again and again we see who threatens our 2nd Amendment rights. It’s a den full of ‘angry wolf’ Democrats.


Little Alison did not die.She is maybe a 100# and he shoots her 2 or 3 times,but she does not twitch,no body movement, no blood, and then she spins on her high heels and runs 25 or 30 feet behind a truck.


He fired the first round, I believe it struck her in the abdomen, using hollow point ammo the round would not exit the body, no doubt it did not hit a major artery, the followup shots did impact her in the back and her head. When she was hit the fight or flight instinct kicked in along with adrenaline. He also shot the camera man several time including in his head. The woman who was being interviewed was shot in the back as she was curled up in a fetal position. He ran out of ammo and then fled the… Read more »


Have you had your daughter killed lately? He may be wrong but my God, have some mercy on this man.


He lost a lot of my sympathy when he started using his daughter’s death to promote the governor’s gun control agenda. The governor was even worse, he talked about gun control before all of the facts were known, in this case, even before the shooter was found.

Big Bill

When he says that he needs to buy a gun to protect himself now that he’s going to be actively anti-gun, he demonstrates that he is precisely the type of nut-job who should be banned from possessing a gun.
Just how many anti-gunners can he name who have been shot because of their anti-gun stance?

Jon G

Excellent point. Your question needs to be asked LOUDLY and often! Letting his comment stand without challenge furthers the progessive assertion that all guns, and their owners, are dangerous.


Even more ironically, if he gets the kind of mental health restrictions passed that he apparently advocates, HE himself, (since he is certainly both angry and depressed in the wake of his daughter’s death) would now be unable to buy or own a gun himself!


He also dragged the NRA into this too. The murdering gunman was not a NRA member.


Typical Liberal Gas!

Gene Galitz

Headlines for such crimes should read: ” Deranged piece of shit killed (fill in the blank) for no reason. May he burn in hell.” News media needs to quit giving them the notoriety they’re after. Call it like it is; they’re animals and should be eliminated from our planet


When he buys a gun hopefully he takes a NRA safety course. A untrained liberal with a gun could spell trouble. He should be upset with how the shooting is being reported. When a white man kills blacks , it is a racist hate crime. When a black homosexual shoots white people, no big deal , just a gun crime. No presidential outrage or community activist outcry. How about a new movement. WHITE LIVES MATTER


I honestly believe he should not buy a firearm at this time, he is still grieving and has a lot of emotion inside.

Once that level drops and after he seeks professional medical therapy should he apply for a VA permit.


Bad enough these people are willing to dance in the blood of the victims, but this guy is leaving bloody footprints from his own daughter behind him. And then proving that a gun is the best option for self defense through his own hypocrisy by claiming to NEED a gun for self defense. Put him in front of every available camera and ask him three questions: why do you want to own a gun?; why do you want to prevent others from exercising that same right?; and do you really want to create a legacy of lies and hypocrisy in… Read more »




Excellent! Liberalism is disease.