NRA News Unveils Expanded Network of Original Programming

NRA News Unveils Expanded Network Of Original Programming
NRA News Unveils Expanded Network Of Original Programming
NRA News
NRA News

FAIRFAX, VA — ( has debuted a new platform that includes a new look, enhanced functionality and expanded programming. Visitors to the site will find 12 original series, plus NRA campaigns and an archive of addresses from NRA leaders and politicos. It’s the most comprehensive video coverage of Second Amendment issues, events and culture anywhere in the world.

For more than a decade, NRA News has been delivering hard-hitting, timely news, investigative journalism, commentary and analysis. Cam Edwards, Ginny Simone and Commentators have told Americans the truth about firearms, freedom, crime and personal safety—bringing an unmatched authority, expertise and perspective on Second Amendment issues.

Now, NRA News has united the powerful programs and personalities of NRA Life of Duty, NRA Freestyle and NRA Women and magnified their voices into a single platform. Whether you’re a new shooter or a lifelong advocate, there’s no better place to explore the truth about firearms and the Second Amendment. Viewers can browse categories of interest—from commentary and investigative to lifestyle and profiles—to find the show that’s right for them. All content is available in streaming HD and on-demand.


Cam & Co., sponsored by Nosler

The cornerstone of NRA News, Cam & Co. is a three-hour talk show focusing on Second Amendment-related news and issues. Host Cam Edwards interviews newsmakers, politicos, journalists, congressional leaders and NRA leaders and brings you in-depth commentary and analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

Cam & Co. broadcasts live on each weekday from 2-5 p.m. ET and episodes can be accessed on demand at their completion. You can also listen via simulcast on SiriusXM—tune into Patriot Plus Ch. 297 from 9 p.m. to midnight ET or Patriot Ch. 97 from midnight to 3 a.m. ET for that day’s show. Additionally, podcasts are available on iHeartRadio and iTunes.

Ginny Simone Reporting

Award-winning investigative journalist Ginny Simone travels the globe to report on the news and issues that affect gun owners and our Second Amendment rights. She goes beyond the headlines to bring you detailed, in-depth reports on the stories that matter to you most—stories that you won’t get from the mainstream media.

Commentators, sponsored by Kimber

Enjoy a diverse collection of opinions on the hottest issues of the moment. This new generation of advocates and activists for the Second Amendment is passionate and unapologetic about their belief in our right to bear arms. Look for refreshingly honest perspectives from Colion Noir and veteran Navy SEAL Dom Raso.

NOIR, sponsored by Mossberg with support from 5.11 Tactical and Federal Premium

Colion Noir returns for a fourth season with a mission to highlight the many faces of gun ownership. Follow his journey through all new episodes as he tours the country, taking back the narrative on Second Amendment rights and challenging perceptions of gun culture and advocacy.

I Am Forever, sponsored by FNH USA with support from 5.11 Tactical and Federal Premium

What kind of culture sustains freedom? Are we doomed to use our freedom to squander our freedom? Will our culture continue to honor and celebrate values and philosophies contrary to those that sustain freedom? Or will we reconnect with a way of living that keeps us free, and reverse course? Kristy Titus and the cast of I Am Forever delve into this subject.


LtCol Oliver North and veteran U.S. Army Ranger Chuck Holton take you inside the most dangerous threats and critical events concerning your freedom. Since many would argue the single greatest threat facing America is our knowledge of our own history, Frontlines also journeys to famous battlefields in American history to remember why we were there—and for what our fallen heroes died.

Defending Our America, sponsored by SIG Sauer

A cast of civilians and former military and law enforcement officers from around the country join together to discuss the question, “What does it take to defend America?” The roundtable is raw and real, and it touches on issues that we all should be talking about in our own communities.

Patriot Profiles, sponsored by Smith & Wesson

These are the stories that too often go untold—the stories of our true American heroes in the military, law enforcement and emergency services. Join us as we pay tribute to those who protect, defend and respond to any situation that threatens our families, our society, and our freedoms at home and abroad—and those who did so by paying the ultimate price.

Love at First Shot, sponsored by Smith & Wesson

In the new season, champion shooter Julie Golob and Natalie Foster team up to help first-time shooters find a love, or at least better understanding, of firearms. This series can be seen on both NRAWomen.TV, sponsored by Smith & Wesson, and

Tips & Tactics, sponsored by Cabela’s Outdoor Fund

This training series is dedicated to teaching the fundamentals of shooting, hunting, personal protection and competition shooting. Hosted by Gabby Franco, the series offers step-by-step lessons from experienced female instructors who specialize in crime prevention, personal safety, competition shooting, big-game hunting, marksmanship and more. This series can be seen on both NRAWomen.TV, sponsored by Smith & Wesson, and

Armed & Fabulous

Meet the inspiring women of the NRA Women’s Leadership Forum, whose generous giving and exemplary leadership are leaving an incredible, indelible impact. Each episode profiles one of these influential woman leaders as she shares her personal history with firearms and her passion for protecting the Second Amendment. This series can be seen on both NRAWomen.TV, sponsored by Smith & Wesson, and

The Treasure Collection

Spotlights some of the spectacular pieces from the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax, Virginia. Dating from America’s pioneer days and early westward expansion through the Civil and World Wars on up to today, these firearms have been in the hands of presidents, politicians, Olympians, sharpshooters, law enforcement officers and Hollywood actors.

All of these shows can be seen on the new NRA News network at To stay abreast of the latest developments, you can follow NRA News on social media: Facebook at, Twitter at and Instagram at


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Gene H
Gene H
6 years ago

I agree with Albert’s previous post….need to get these back on The Sportsman Channel!!!!!!
Bring Back Cam!!!!!

Albert Laya
Albert Laya
6 years ago

When will this be on TV? I miss Cam and company!