Out With the Old, In with the New at MassAmmo.com

The new website features an exclusive product launch, promises superior customer experience, and showcases an unforgettable promotional video.  All of this while staying true to what customers have come to love: Price, Speed, Guaranteed™!

Video 1
Screenshot from MassAmmo.com’s new promo video

Orlando, Fla. (Ammoland.com) – After months of customer feedback and weeks in development, MassAmmo.com is proud to unveil the latest version of their online platform.  After carefully recorded and analyzed feedback from visitors, it became obvious to the team at MassAmmo that customers were interested in a faster website with more content and that performed better on mobile devices.

“When we found out that over fifty percent of our online orders were placed on mobile devices, we quickly concluded that quickly creating a more mobile-friendly version of the website was necessary,” said Caroline, a customer service representative.

Customers can quickly and confidently restock their ammunition supplies from anywhere by visiting MassAmmo.com: at work, in bed or at the range.

We Are Gun People Too

In honor of the new website’s launch, the staff at MassAmmo.com decided to get creative with their first promotional video.  After much brainstorming and exploring individual fantasies, the general consensus for the video’s material was well defined: beautiful women, machine guns and bathtubs full of ammunition (in short, our favorite things).  With the help of a professional production company, the stage was set and the dream would quickly morph into reality (kinda).

“One day my boss asked me if I would mind being featured in the new promotional video.  Without hesitation, I agreed, thinking it would be fun.  As I found myself lying in a bathtub covered in ammo being adored by beautiful women, I wished this dreamed reality would never end,” said Michael from the video.

The video will debut during MassAmmo.com’s new website launch.  It is sure to encourage return visits, as customers come back for another glimpse into the fantasy world depicted in the video.

Sasquatch Ammo
Sasquatch Ammunition

It’s Legendary™

MassAmmo.com is eager to announce that affordable, high-quality ammunition is no longer an urban legend.  MassAmmo.com has earned the exclusive right to distribute the latest brand of low-cost, high-quality handgun rounds available, Sasquatch Ammunition. In their pursuit to continuously search for the best products that combine performance and price, MassAmmo.com reached out to the representative of Sasquatch Ammunition.  After several meetings, a deal was made to make MassAmmo.com the only source for Sasquatch Ammunition online.  Available in .380, .38 SPL, 9mm, .40 S&W and .45 ACP, Sasquatch Ammunition and their re-manufactured cartridges offer marksmen consistent performance and reliability, shot after shot, for just a fraction of the cost!

About MassAmmo.com

MassAmmo.com is the best source for quality, affordable ammunition online shipped to you fast for a low, flat-rate.  Owned and operated by firearms enthusiasts, MassAmmo.com is dedicated to providing customers with the top brands with exceptional pricing and superlative customer service.  Their slogan, Price Speed Guaranteed, means that the price you see is usually the best you’ll find online. Most orders leave the warehouse in 24 hours; if you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, MassAmmo will always do whatever it takes to make it right.

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Joe lamothe
Joe lamothe
6 years ago

Let’s see if you offer good deals