Outdoor Channel’s ‘Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED’ Season Finale ‘Best of’ Airs Tonight

Outdoor Channel TV
Outdoor Channel TV

DENVER (Ammoland.com) – Jim Shockey, an avid outdoorsman with a passion for the extreme, relives the ups and downs of the second season of Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED exclusively on Outdoor Channel on Monday, September 21 at 10 p.m. ET.

“The second season was a departure from the first,” Shockey says in the opening lines of the show. “It was less about the hunt and more about the discovery of the culture, people and places. It’s experiences that make you who you are – and hopefully made you a better person than you were before.”

Jim Shockeys UNCHARTED - Mondays
Jim Shockey’s UNCHARTED

Shockey reviews experiences from the Yukon – “a place that has soul” – to Paraguay, which he said is one of the places they had to visit this season to “face their demons.”

“We visited many different countries, people and customs and realized ‘normal’ is relative. It is not for us to judge what is normal or not normal. It is only for us to record objectively and to help if asked,” stated Shockey.

And help was a big theme this season. From assisting a 2,000-pound water buffalo escape a certain watery grave to hunting down “problem” alligators and rhinos that were killing livestock and villagers.

“This season has been an explorers dream. From inspired vistas to seeing things that hurt and realizing that if and when we can, we have to help,” concluded Shockey.

Produced by Shockey’s cinematographer son Branlin, who captures both the beauty and rigorous surroundings on video, the TV series offers audiences a glimpse into the excitement of treks across faraway locations. The physical agility and mental dexterity of Shockey is put to the test as he tackles some element of risk on his journeys. Nevertheless, his affinity for the untamed outdoors shines through, as does his passion for cultural exploration and discovery.

Jim Shockey has lived many lives as a wildlife photographer/videographer, a wilderness guide and an outfitter for the last two decades. The conservationist’s exploits have taken him to 40 countries on six continents; including the wilds of the Yukon Territory, Sierra Madres of Mexico, Kalahari Desert in Namibia and the Australian Outback. He also can be seen with his daughter and co-host Eva Shockey on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on all new episodes of Jim Shockey’s Hunting Adventures.

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