Plano Synergy Holdings Acquires Substantially All the Assets of Hartcraft, LTD.

Hartcraft, LTD.
Hartcraft, LTD.
Plano Synergy
Plano Synergy

Grand Prairie, TX -( Plano Synergy Holdings; a leading manufacturer of premium hunting, fishing and outdoor related products, is pleased to announce its acquisition of Hartcraft, Ltd.

Hartcraft, Ltd. designs and manufactures the most stable fixed-blade hunting broadheads on the market. Each Hartcraft broadhead is built with the company’s patented Scooptail X-Change ferrule that results in unsurpassed accuracy and penetration.

Three engineered scoops near the tail of every Hartcraft broadhead ferrule channels wind to stabilize the broadhead in flight. The angle of the scoops is critical in making them the most accurate fixed-blade broadhead ever made.

The addition of Hartcraft complements Plano Synergy’s recent acquisition of No Limit Archery, makers of the award-winning Grave Digger mechanical broadheads. With bowhunters firmly locked into fixed-blade, hybrid or mechanical broadhead types, Plano Synergy will now be able to offer every archer the best broadhead in each respective category.

Tom Hurt, President and CEO at Plano Synergy, said, “We set a goal to become the industry’s premier archery brand, and the acquisition of Hartcraft is another important step toward that goal. The engineering, quality and effectiveness of Hartcraft’s Scooptail broadheads, combined with Plano Synergy’s recent acquisition of No Limit Archery, means we’ll be able to offer hunters a full complement of the best broadheads available in the market.”

Hartcraft manufactures five Scooptail versions, all of which are built on the 100-percent stainless steel patented X-Change ferrule. This amazing ferrule accepts all five variations of the company’s famous blades, allowing hunters to reuse undamaged ferrules and purchase replacement blades as needed. They also can change configurations for different preferences or game species. If the double-sided blades get dull, they can be quickly turned over for twice the life of competing products.

Other features include a devastating cut-on-contact tip and super-tough blades rated between 52 and 56 on the Rockwell Hardness Scale. Harder blades keep a sharp edge longer and deform less when contacting hard objects like cartilage and bone.

Plano Synergy plans to align the Hartcraft product line under the growing BloodSport brand in an effort to expand the offering to core hunting consumers and will relocate Hartcraft’s administrative and distribution functions to the Clearwater, Florida manufacturing and distribution operation.

This reorganization will align with the long term strategic direction of the BloodSport brand.

Hartcraft, LTD.
Hartcraft, LTD.

About Hartcraft Scooptail Broadheads:

The Hartcraft Broadhead X-Change system is a revolutionary new concept in broadhead design. X-Change broadheads utilize one ferrule body with five unique blade options, designed specifically for versatility and performance. All five varieties have one point of impact so you can change styles with confidence, without needing to re-sight your bow.

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About Plano Synergy Holding, Inc.:

Plano Synergy Holding, Inc. is the leading US manufacturer and marketer of tackle boxes, equipment protection cases, crossbows, archery bows, game cameras, tree stands, ground blinds, food plot seeds, attractants, hunting packs, game calls, game feeders, metal detectors, and rangefinders for outdoor enthusiasts. For more than a half-century, Plano Synergy brands and products have inspired people to engage in outdoor pursuits throughout the world.

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