Randy Newberg, Hunter, Releases ‘Elk Hunting on Your Own’ E-Guide

Randy Newberg, Hunter, Releases 'Elk Hunting on Your Own' E-Guide
Randy Newberg, Hunter, Releases ‘Elk Hunting on Your Own' E-Guide
Randy Newberg
Randy Newberg

BOZEMAN, Mont. (Ammoland.Com) – One of America’s best known and trusted public land elk hunters, Randy Newberg, has made available a 32-page e-guide, called Elk Hunting on Your Own to help hunters understand the basics of finding and taking highly pressured elk on public lands.

The guide is available for download at http://RandyNewberg.Com for $9.95, or free by using the promo code HT.

This guide covers all the elk hunting basics – plus Newberg’s more advanced techniques he’s learned from years of hunting public lands.

Chapters include: getting tags, finding places to hunt, Newberg’s notes of how to find these public land elk, how to use hunting pressure as an ally, his equipment list and much more.

“As someone who films multiple public land elk hunts every year for my TV series Leupold’s Fresh Tracks on Sportsman Channel, I am asked all the time, ‘How do you find access to public lands?’ I am always struck by the perception many have that elk hunting requires mountains of money, exclusive access, and years of applying for tags. You can make it that way, if you want…but I don't and this e-guide shows you my way of consistently getting elk on public lands year after year,” concluded Newberg.

Learn more about Randy Newberg Hunter, at http://RandyNewberg.Com on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/randynewberg and on Instagram at http://Instagram.Com/RandyNewbergHunter

About Randy Newberg, Hunter: Randy Newberg is the voice of the public land hunter in America.  Decades of hunting all species across public lands has provided both the experience and perspective that has allowed him to become the leading advocate for the self-guided hunter; hunters dependent upon public lands for hunting access. With his popular TV show, Leupold’s Fresh Tracks with Randy Newberg airing on Sportsman Channelaccompanied by the long-standing Hunt Talk web forum, Newberg is looked to for advocacy and leadership as hunting and access issues become politicized. Now added to those platforms is the Hunt Talk Podcast where Newberg discusses relevant issues to hunters – unfiltered. Visit RandyNewberg.Com to download the bi-weekly podcast, information to download the weekly TV show and log in to the Hunt Talk forum. Subscribe to Randy Newberg’s YouTube channel to get tips, behind the scenes, and ideas for the western big game hunter.  Learn more at RandyNewberg.Com, http://Facebook.com/RandyNewberg   and http://Instagram.Com/RandyNewbergHunter

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Tim Tinsley
Tim Tinsley
1 year ago

My wife and I have become addicted to your shows. I have been on several guided hunts in Wyoming for antelope and mule deer. While those hunts were successful, your public land hunts have intrigued me. Is there a general area you would recommend for beginners for elk or mule deer, or should I plan to dive right in to grizzly country? I don’t mind doing the work but dont want to get in over my head. I’m in fairly good shape. Thanks for any help.

Pete Breunig
Pete Breunig
4 years ago

Absolutely enjoy watching your videos! I too hunt public land in Montana for elk. All of your information is true regarding getting away from the roads. Would love the opportunity to meet you some day. Keep the Elk hunting videos coming. Good luck on your future hunts!