Sportsman Channel’s ‘MCMILLAN’ Welcomes New Clients and NASCAR’s Clint Bowyer

Sportsman Channel
Sportsman Channel

DENVER ( – This week’s episode of MCMILLAN brings Tom McMillan’s first group of clients to the ranch – including Bryan Emrich and NASCAR driver Clint Bowyer. McMillan hopes the first hunt of the season with good friends will give him “people practice” – what Tom describes as preparing for the demands of his clients for the upcoming season. If McMillan can make it through a hunt with these two, he will be able to handle any clients that come his way. MCMILLAN airs Thursday, September 17 at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT on Sportsman Channel.

Emrich and Bowyer drop by the ranch for laughs with old friends and a shot at big bucks. Before the hunt begins, McMillan puts the men to work to make sure one of his blinds is set up correctly. With the effort of three instead of one, McMillan expects to complete the task with time to spare. He discovers good workers are hard to come by when the men trade hard work for laughs and the project takes much longer than expected.

“When they say good work is hard to find, boy do they mean it. You just never know what kind of a circus it’s going to be in a situation like this. Looking back, I’m just glad we didn’t leave with the blind upside down or broken in half,” commented McMillan.

The episode continues, and Emrich and Bowyer leave camp. McMillan hopes their antics have prepared him for his next clients. McMillan is known for his work as an outfitter and his sense of humor. This week, a fashion faux pas – sandals with socks – puts Ronnie Strong, a first-time client, ready to hit the field on edge.

“You can tell Tom’s a nice guy and he’s got a good sense of humor, but I think overall he’s a pain in the butt,” said Strong. “I showed up ready to hunt and he was in flip flops. I expect I will fling an arrow at something this week – either a nice deer or at Tom.”

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