Tree Stand Height For Deer Hunting with Mike Magrew, Mossy Oak Pro Staff

Mossy Oak Pro Staff member Mike Magrew from Missouri talks about how high he puts his tree stands for whitetail deer. Mike shares how hanging all stands as high as you can may not always be the best practice.

Mike Magrew

Mike Magrew of O’Fallon, Missouri is the Mossy Oak Whitetail Regional Pro Staff Manager for Missouri, Illinois, and Kansas.

Mike has been hunting the Missouri hills for 30 years and got his start hunting rabbits and squirrels with his father, who introduced him to the outdoors. Mike took his first deer at 14 and his first gobbler at 16. He enjoys hunting Midwest whitetails and turkeys as well as the work that is done along the way, creating food plots, hanging deer stands, and scouting.

Mike also travels to the Rocky Mountains where he spends the month of September calling up elk and chasing mule deer, and bear with his bow. He loves “do it yourself” style hunting out west and has taken several Pope and Young caliber animals along the way.

Mike has a passion for introducing new people to the outdoors and sharing his love for the outdoor lifestyle with young people. He introduced both of his sons to the outdoors, with both of them taking quality animals themselves. Mike is also an active supporter of several conservation organizations including the NWTF and RMEF.



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Can u use a .556 cal.for whitetails


Some states allow , But consult the hunting regulations in the area you are going to hunt in.Many states still have no sunday for instance.