Victory Archery VForce 245 Sport – Take Your Hunting to the Next Level

Victory’s VForce Sport Arrow Gives Bowhunters Maximum Performance and Value

Victory Archery: VForce 245 Sport
Victory Archery: VForce 245 Sport

Victory Archery

Poway, CA -( When bowhunting, the measure of your season comes down to one perfect shot, so performance counts.

That’s why you simply cannot afford anything less than the best. Fortunately, Victory Archery not only has the arrow you need, Victory offers each arrow in a configuration to fit your needs and budget.

For example, Victory Archery’s VForce line of carbon hunting shafts is the most accurate standard-diameter hunting shafts on the market. Best of all, Victory also offers its own line of components designed specifically to ensure you will maximize the VForce’s performance when shooting field tips, expandables or broadheads.

As a bowhunter, you are the ultimate target shooter. There are no second chances, mulligans or do overs. The game you pursue deserves a quick, well-placed shot for a solid harvest. Therefore, your best advantage in the field is Victory’s VForce 245 arrow! The VForce comes in one of three different straightness ratings. The VForce Elite features a +/- 0.001-inch straightness while the Gamer carries a straightness of +/- 0.003-inch. Most popular among the line is the VForce Sport with a straightness of +/- 0.006-inch.

The Victory VForce 245 was named to highlight the advantages offered by its continuous inner diameter — an often-overlooked feature in arrow design. By designing and constructing the VForce 245 from high modulus carbon with a consistent inner diameter, the components guarantee a solid and true fit regardless of whether one or six inches were cut from the shaft or whether the cut was made from the front or rear of the shaft. Components such as Victory’s AC1245-22 inserts fit snugly inline with the shaft to enhance accuracy, especially when shooting broadheads, and give bowhunters shooting the VForce an advantage over competitive designs. However, the VForce has other accuracy enhancing features worthy of being called out.

Prior to being fletched, VForce arrows are tested to determine the location of the arrow’s spine. This allows Victory to consistently align the fletching on each hand-fletched arrow to promote consistency from one arrow to the next. Therefore, with the VForce from Victory Archery, you’ll never find flyers with a new set of arrows.

While other manufacturers offer shafts with only a few spine ratings, Victory’s VForce Arrows comes in five different spine ratings and weights.

High poundage bows shooting long shafts will see the maximum penetration potential with the VForce 300 at 9.9 grains-per-inch (GPI). However, the VForce is ready to maximize the performance of all archers with the 350 (8.7 GPI), 400 (8.2 GPI), 500 (6.9 GPI) and 600 (6.7 GPI) as well.

Whether shooting the VForce 300, 600, or anything in between, pulling arrows from practice targets will be a breeze thanks to Victory’s Nano Ceramic (ICE) coating. The smooth Nano Ceramic (ICE) coating benefits the hunter in the field too. By offering less resistance, Victory VForce arrows penetrate deeper increasing the lethality of each shot.

Quality, Value and Performance – with a trifecta like that you could only be describing the VForce arrow; the deadliest combination for your next hunt of a lifetime!

Victory Archery offers a wide variety of products for both hunting and target shooters of all ages. For more information about Victory Archery visit, or call toll-free 866-934-6565.

About Victory Archery:

Victory Archery offers archery products for hunting and target archers alike. With each product model designed specifically for maximum performance and enjoyment. Hunting customers can choose from the VAP and RIP Elite, Gamer and Sport models and Target shooters can choose from Victory’s VAP, VForce HV, VX-23, VX-25 / VX-25HV and VX-27. Crossbow bolt models include Victory’s VooDoo, XBolt and XBolt Pink, part of our Pink Arrow Project models. For youths, be sure to check out our V-Force JR, Ares and Venus models. If you have questions about a particular model, be sure to give us a call or check with your local dealer.

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