We Will Be Watching

By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen

Bloomberg Universal Background Checks Hooray
Bloomberg Universal Background Checks Hooray
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

United States -(AmmoLand.com)- We grieve with Andy Parker and his family, whose daughter, Alison, was murdered during a TV news broadcast. It must be unbearable to suffer the senseless loss of a child.

But gun owners do not deserve the blame. Blaming the law abiding gun owner, and not the deranged gunman, turns the battle against misuse of guns completely off the mark and makes any progress impossible.

Mr. Parker has vowed to, “Do whatever it takes,” and he suggests that “universal background checks” would help to reduce firearms violence. This is just wishful political thinking. It’s impossible to accomplish and might likely be counterproductive.

While universal background checks sound like a good idea at first, in fact, they are. Because of the politics of gun control, the expanded check would be used against the law abiding to harass them. This is not paranoia, it is what has happened in the past and will continue happening. Universal background checks ONLY apply to law abiding citizens, as criminals buy their guns on the street.

Another law will not change the ability of a deranged person or a criminal to get a gun. And the rhetoric again begins – This past holiday weekend in DC, during a 10 hour surge of violence, 10 people were shot, and 9 guns were confiscated. Police Chief Cathy Lanier declared, “It's like they are freaking dropping out of the sky.”

The reason they come after the law abiding gun owner is because we are vulnerable. We are out in the open., we leave paper trails and they [read ‘government’] have access to our lives. We, like all good citizens, have always been hopeful and desirous of creating a safer society. After all, we want, like everyone else, the best and safest society for our kids and families.

We have some information for the liberals: Get the deranged and criminals off the streets, as it might be a more productive cure.

We will be watching.


Alan J Chwick has been involved with firearms much of his life, and is currently the Managing Coach of the Freeport Junior Club, at the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association, Freeport, NY.

Joanne D Eisen practices dentistry on Long Island, NY. She has collaborated and written on firearm politics for the past 25-years, and is a Senior Fellow in Criminology at the Independence Institute in Denver, CO.

Alan J Chwick – [email protected]

Joanne D Eisen – [email protected]

  • 4 thoughts on “We Will Be Watching

    1. Mr. Chwick, I stopped reading this article about halfway through.

      “While universal background checks sound like a good idea at first, in fact, they are.”

      Proofread anything you put up. I hope you request an amended re-post of this article because that statement invalidated everything else you were trying to say. This is a large part of the reason people don’t listen to pro-gun arguments: those making the arguments tend to behave as though they have a lesser education. The reason so many anti-gun pundits get the respect they do is they’re viewed as higher-educated and more successful. It isn’t true most of the time but we have to be our own fact checkers and we have to ensure the statements we make are accurate and consistent.

      I volunteer to, within reason, act as a proofreader to anyone that doesn’t have an editor so our message remains consistent and logical. Otherwise a great article Mr. Chwick.


      1. Mr. Gryyphyn,

        Thank you for pointing out that the word “not” is missing from the statement, “While universal background checks sound like a good idea at first, in fact, they are [not].”

        I assure you that we do self-edit, and have others review & edit our pieces, but once in awhile things slip through.

        I will ask Ammoland if they can correct this for us.

        Again, thank you.


    2. Dear Andy Parker, 1st let me say how sorry I am that your daughter was murdered. The killer had passed background checks to purchase his guns. So now we know background checks do not work & only cause law abiding citizens extra money. How could your daughter murder been prevented, simple, the TV station should have reported to the authorities after they fired the murderer that he made threats. It is a proven fact that they fired him because they knew that he was mentally unbalanced. Second they should provided armed security for their people when working out in the street. The TV station failed on both accounts & that is why you no longer have a daughter. Whether you want to admit it or not, what I have stated is fact. I would be suing that TV station big time & I would win. When will you learn that an armed society is a friendly society. Criminals are normally cowards, they look for easy unprotected targets such as your daughter was. They shy away from people that the think may be armed as they want to rob & maybe kill you, but they don’t want to take the chance of being killed. So if you had had your daughter trained in firearms & she had a Concealed Carry Weapons permit, there is the possibility that she may be alive today. No law can stop deranged people from murdering. Many more people have been murdered with blunt instruments than by rifles & shotguns combined. Cars every year kill more people than guns & Drs. kill the most. If we want to reduce crime & murders, we all need to be trained in firearms, have a mindset that you will protect yourself, your loved ones or anyone else in need. Will it eliminate crime & murder, no as nothing will, but it will greatly reduce it. Nothing will stop a deranged person like the one that killed your daughter, unless that person is placed into a mental institution of which we have only a few. Instead of putting these people in mental institutions, we give them physic drugs. The known side effects of these drugs are suicide & aggression. Why, those drugs are billions of dollar profits to drug companies & give a lot of money to our elected officials. If you still think it is the gun why your daughter is dead, then your brain is dead. I have been carrying a gun for many years & I am grateful that I have never had to use it, but I am prepared to if necessary!

    3. Liberal Speech Lesson – “Do whatever it takes” translates to “The end justifies the means” even if you have to shred the U.S. Constitution!

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