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Early Drop Persimmon
Early Drop Persimmon
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Columbus, GA -( Whether a hunter is patterning a big buck or simply putting venison in the freezer, the key is finding the hottest food source.

Unless rutting activity heats up, a strategy of hunting a deer’s preferred food source can’t be beat. Few hunters would argue there is a single food deer prefer more than persimmons. A problem is that native persimmons on your hunting land will only drop their fruit during a narrow window of time.

Hunters can ensure there are persimmons dropping throughout the deer season by planting a variety of Deer Candy Persimmon Trees from Chestnut Hill Outdoors, including the new late-dropping Deer Magnet Persimmons. Most landowners and hunters now plant food plots and continuously fill deer feeders with supplemental feed.

For far less money and far less effort, planting trees will attract and hold wildlife, and these trees will then keep drawing deer for season after season. Deer and other wildlife simply can’t resist persimmons. Plant persimmon trees to supply preferred food for a generation, not just for one season like a food plot.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors features six varieties of persimmon trees in their Deer Candy Persimmon Tree Collection. The Deer Candy Early Drop tree is a grafted female American persimmon that will bear fruit in only two to three years. The fruit is a medium-sized persimmon, 1.25 to 1.5 inches long. The fruit has a sweet, nutty flavor that deer and other wildlife can’t resist. This is a very productive persimmon that drops fruit early in September and October. It is cold hardy for Zones 5-9.

The Early Drop Persimmon grows 30 to 50 feet tall with a spread of 20 to 35 feet. It grows best in full sun, and it does not need a pollinator. The nutritious fruit is highly favored by deer and other wildlife. Please call for prices and availability. The Deer Magnet Late Drop Persimmon from Chestnut Hill Outdoors is similar in most respects to the Deer Candy Early Drop Persimmon, with a major distinction that it drops its fruit a good month to six weeks later.

Deer love the sweet, nutty flavor of Deer Magnet Persimmons. The Deer Magnet Persimmon ripens late and drops its fruit as late as November. This tree, like the Deer Candy Early Drop Persimmon, will bear fruit in only two to three years. The Deer Magnet Late Drop produces a medium-sized persimmon that is 1.25 to 1.5 inches long. It is a heavy bearer of fruit, and it is very cold hardy.

Chestnut Hill Outdoors provides the best varieties and best quality food plot trees to help landowners improve their land and its carrying capacity for game and wildlife. Chestnut Hill Outdoors is a division of Chestnut Hill Tree Farm, a nationally recognized leader in the introduction and development of new varieties of nut, fruit and flowering trees. Chestnut Hill bred and introduced the patented blight-resistant Dunstan Chestnuts, the most widely grown chestnut tree in America.

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Chestnut Hill is the best place for you to purchase your food plot and deer attractant plants because they offer a large selection, their plants are specifically bred to attract deer, and they offer customers different sized plants at different levels of growth.

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