Berger Bullets Evolves Ballistic Performance Data

Berger Bullets - 6mm 105 Grain Hybrid Target Ammunition Box
Berger Bullets – 6mm 105 Grain Hybrid Target Ammunition Box
Berger Bullets
Berger Bullets

Fullerton, CA -( Berger Bullets has always been a leader in evolving the information provided to shooters, helping them make the most educated decisions regarding their bullet choice.

Once again, they are pioneering new advances in ballistic performance data. First, they have tested every lot of bullets produced in the last several years, and are updating the BC’s on their entire line of bullets. Most of the BC’s have changed very little, but having the most accurate BC information possible will help ensure hits at longer distances. For more information, read HERE.

They have also made new advancements in the area of bullet stability and twist rates. Modern long range bullets have benefits that cannot be fully realized with a single digit twist rate number, such as 1:12”. There is a big gray area of marginal stability in which bullets can fly with good accuracy, but a depressed BC. Recognizing this reality, Berger is now listing two twist rates for each bullet they produce. The first is the minimum twist that they have always recommended, which is the minimum twist needed for good accuracy. The second is the new optimal twist, which is the twist that will stabilize the bullet to a level which achieves its full performance (BC) potential. For more information, read HERE.

Lastly, they have added the G7 form factor to their Quick Reference Sheet. The analysis of form factors can be very useful when considering a bullets long range performance potential. Going by BC alone can be deceptive since BC includes the weight and caliber of the bullet. Form factor indicates how much drag the bullet has, which is a very important consideration for all bullets of all calibers. To read more about the G7 form factor read HERE.

This is part of an ongoing effort to keep shooters on the cutting edge.

President, Eric Stecker emphasizes this point, “Berger continues to lead the way on improving the rifle shooting experience. Today’s announcement may seem subtle to some, but the real impact is undeniable.”

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About Berger Bullets:

Founded in 1955 by Benchrest Hall of Fame member Walt Berger, Berger originally focused on bullets for one of the highest precision oriented disciplines. Berger has since broadened its offerings to match grade rifle bullets for varmint, target, hunting and tactical applications.

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