Black Rain Ordnance Response To Fake ‘Blue’ Trigger Product ~ Video

Black Rain Ordnance Response To Fake 'Blue' Triggers Product ~ Video
Black Rain Ordnance Response To Fake ‘Blue' Triggers Product ~ Video

Black Rain Ordnance, Inc.

USA -( Due to a large volume of misinformation being spread on the internet, we decided to bring some clarity to the fake “blue” trigger that is being posed as a Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. product.

We've received several calls and emails about a trigger on the market that closely resembles our BRO-DIT trigger. GM Jared Moser sets the record straight.

Please watch the video below for a detailed explanation.

The real BRO-DIT trigger is now available for purchase at the new Black Rain Ordnance online store

About Black Rain Ordnance, Inc.:

Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. is a precision firearms manufacturer based in Neosho, MO. They can be reached toll free at 888.836.2620 or by email at [email protected]

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  • One thought on “Black Rain Ordnance Response To Fake ‘Blue’ Trigger Product ~ Video

    1. Wow that’s crazy! What kind of b.s. is that, sucks when you get done dirty! Guess not as bad as the b.s. of my 2000+$ bro jamming up the first time I got it, or coming with the most bare bones low quality gritty trigger I’ve ever felt. Yeah I didn’t buy directly through bro and it wasn’t advertised what type of trigger was included, but one would assume with all the bragging about bro quality a 2000+$ gun would have at minimum a 2 stage trigger, I was highly disappointed in this. Also it jammed the first time I pulled that gritty pos trigger! But what really made me mad aside from the claim that everything is guaranteed to work properly from the factory… Was the way bro mailed it back to me after they fixed it? I received a box on my door no required signature for pickup from a local mail center, just sitting on the porch??? Maybe bro thinks they were doing me a favor but the reality is that I would have been happy shipping it via a method that guaranteed no chance of theft. I’m sure with no doubt bro wouldn’t pick up the bill on that theft? With all the crazy gun b.s. going down one wonders if me or bro could get in some trouble for that? I read a story about the same thing happening to a guy recently but his was stolen. Not saying bro shipped it but it was a similar situation not a risk I ever want to be put in again! Bro I hope your not putting those crap triggers in your 2000$+ Guns still if so that despicable, and if your going to claim your guns fire off with 100% no issue tested from the factory I suggest you make it a reality or offer some type of other compensation (like a legit trigger worthy of a 2000$ gun) instead on top of fixing it and mailing it back in such a risky manner.

      My impression is that I’m not impressed at all! I’m dissapointed thanks for fixing it but the negatives in my opinbox are out weighing the positives thus far. This happened years ago but after shooting multiple ar15s and reading the story of what happened to that guy recently I became irritated then I came across this while looking for a legit trigger worthy of my fallout 15!

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