Black Rain Ordnance Response To Fake ‘Blue’ Trigger Product ~ Video

Black Rain Ordnance Response To Fake 'Blue' Triggers Product ~ Video
Black Rain Ordnance Response To Fake ‘Blue' Triggers Product ~ Video

Black Rain Ordnance, Inc.

USA -( Due to a large volume of misinformation being spread on the internet, we decided to bring some clarity to the fake “blue” trigger that is being posed as a Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. product.

We've received several calls and emails about a trigger on the market that closely resembles our BRO-DIT trigger. GM Jared Moser sets the record straight.

Please watch the video below for a detailed explanation.

The real BRO-DIT trigger is now available for purchase at the new Black Rain Ordnance online store

About Black Rain Ordnance, Inc.:

Black Rain Ordnance, Inc. is a precision firearms manufacturer based in Neosho, MO. They can be reached toll free at 888.836.2620 or by email at [email protected]

For more information, visit:

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Wow that’s crazy! What kind of b.s. is that, sucks when you get done dirty! Guess not as bad as the b.s. of my 2000+$ bro jamming up the first time I got it, or coming with the most bare bones low quality gritty trigger I’ve ever felt. Yeah I didn’t buy directly through bro and it wasn’t advertised what type of trigger was included, but one would assume with all the bragging about bro quality a 2000+$ gun would have at minimum a 2 stage trigger, I was highly disappointed in this. Also it jammed the first time I… Read more »