Cartridge Comparison Guide Creates “Parent Case” Poster

Latest Poster from CCG Simplifies Cartridge Families, Their Power Potential, Game Animals They Cover, and Personalized Selection.

Morgan, Utah – ( – Cartridge Comparison Guide, the ultimate hunting & ballistics source, built to help shooters maximize their benefits from cartridge capabilities and ballistic understanding; recently released its latest poster: Cartridge Comparison Guide Parent Case Cartridge Poster. This poster visually simplifies the vastness and complexities of hunting cartridges available in the U.S. The poster takes six of the most well-known and influential hunting cartridges (223 Remington, 30-30 Win, 308 Win, 30-06 Springfield, 300 Winchester Magnum and 378 Weatherby Magnum) and shows them at 200 percent scale.

Cartridge Comparison Guide Parent Case Cartridge Poster
Cartridge Comparison Guide Parent Case Cartridge Poster

The poster also displays four or five popular cartridges at (100 percent scale) that are formed from the same parent case as each of the previous six. In total, the poster showcases 32 cartridges and provides a beautiful background image of a game animal that each cartridge can effectively cover from fox to elephant.

The result helps the reader to understand that the world’s vast array of cartridges can be broken down into parent case groupings. And that within each parent case grouping there is an ascending order of caliber, velocity, power, and recoil. In addition, that parent case (size and features) determines overall power potential of a given cartridge and where it lies in comparison to cartridges of other parent cases.

The poster retails for $15.95, but CCG is offering a special through the end of October for only $12.95.

Purchase online at Amazon or learn more at

“When the Parent Case poster is coupled with the Game & Ammo and American Standard posters, it completes the trifecta of visual cartridge understanding for the American hunter, Hunter Education Instructor or firearms retailer,” commented Andrew Chamberlain, author of Cartridge Comparison Guide.

The Cartridge Comparison Guide Ballistics Manual and accompanying posters help answer questions on everything from newly developed cartridges, to standard American, Metric or European models, as well as bullet selection and performance. Chamberlain’s focus is on helping hunters and shooters gain maximum benefit from a personalized cartridge selection.

The Guide can be purchased as a spiral bound book at or at Amazon and other booksellers. Enthusiasts can also buy an online membership and view the entire book online. Also available for purchase are 11 unique cartridge posters featuring 100 percent scale – life size images of American, Metric, European, Black Powder, Big Bore, Long Range Cartridges and much more. The posters are great to hang up for display or educational purposes. They range in price from $11.95 to $15.95.

About Cartridge Comparison Guide:

Published by Chamberlain Development, LLC, the Cartridge Comparison Guide is the ultimate hunting and ballistics source, built to helps shooters maximize cartridge capabilities, improve ballistic understanding and make a best fit personalized choice. The Guide contains discussions including photos and detailed narrative on bullet behavior, composition, structure, deformation, wound channel and much more. The Guide was awarded the Pinnacle Award for Excellence in Industry by the Professional Outdoor Media Association in 2012. Learn more about the Guide, posters and more at

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