One Thing Donald Trump Is Not… A Liar

By Roger Katz

What character traits are most critical in assessing a person’s fitness for high public office?

Donald Trump
Donald Trump :one thing Trump is not. He is not a liar.

Arbalest Quarrel

New York, N.Y. -(  Apart from a recent surge by Ben Carson in the latest Iowa poll, Donald Trump has been, from the inception, the Republican front runner – the man to beat – and he continues to hold a strong lead over most of the other Republican candidates, who seek the Office of U.S. President.

This hard, incontrovertible fact comes as a surprise to Washington’s centrist Republican politicians and to the shadowy, ruthless power brokers who control them – those who intend to maintain an iron grip on and stranglehold over our Government.

But surprise among those centrists and power brokers has now transformed into something more: concern, dismay, even shock over the staying power of Donald Trump.

In a front-page article published in the October 25, 2015 Sunday edition of The New York Times, in an article titled, “Bush at 91: Irritated and Invigorated by ’16’ Race,” “George Bush (Senior) “is straining to understand an election season that has, for his son (Jeb) and the Republican Party, lurched sharply and stunningly off script and he is often bewildered by what he sees.”

In other words, the centrist forces, in both political Parties, that control politics in America – of which the Bush clan is certainly a part, cannot understand that, with all the money at their disposal and with clear control of the mainstream media, the average American citizen dares to question the collective wisdom of the so-called “elites” who seek, forever, to dictate how we, the “Hoi Polloi,” should think.

That we, conservative Republicans within the “Hoi Polloi,” would dare to go “off script” is not only incomprehensible to Bush and his kind; it is heresy.

But what, in all of this, are we to make of Donald Trump? He is, of course, extremely wealthy, extremely powerful, and, clearly enough, extremely ambitious. But, what does the public really know about him? Can the public really trust him? Is he not a “power broker,” of a sort, himself? Fortunately, one expert in the field of political propaganda provides the key to unlocking the truth about the candidate, Donald Trump. And he provides the public with a novel, and keen perspective on Trump.

Rise of the Anti-Media
Rise of the Anti-Media

Dr. Brian Anse Patrick is a professor of communication at the University of Toledo, in Toledo, Ohio. He teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in research methods, group communication and propaganda. Dr. Patrick holds a Ph.D. in Communication Research from the University of Michigan. He is a fervent supporter of America’s “Bill of Rights” and, a fervent supporter, in particular, of America’s Second Amendment right of the people to keep and bear arms. Dr. Patrick is a nationally recognized expert on American Gun Culture, and is a frequent speaker at events and symposia. He is also a prolific writer. Dr. Patrick has published several books, many dealing with the manner in which antigun forces utilize propaganda to undermine Americans’ gun rights.

In a recent article, appearing on Dr. Patrick’s website, titled, “Aristotle on Trump: The Phenomenon of ‘The Donald,’” Dr. Patrick points out that individuals who are extremely wealthy and powerful, such as Donald Trump, represent a specific “character type” that was known to and dissected by one of the greatest of the ancient Greek philosophers, Aristotle, over a thousand years ago. Dr. Patrick points out that Aristotle would know Donald Trump very well.

Such people existed during the time of Aristotle, and such people certainly exist today in our own society.

The mainstream media is casting Donald Trump as a villain and suggesting that he, rather than Jeb Bush or Hillary Clinton, cannot be trusted. But, what it is that the public should be zeroing in on, when rating and deciphering the nature of a candidate for high Public Office, as Dr. Patrick cogently points out – extrapolating from the works of Aristotle – is the inner moral “ethos.” The measure of a person is that person’s “ethos.”

The word, ‘ethos’ refers to the moral fiber – the character of a person. Dr. Patrick points out, as Aristotle had reasoned, that a person can display the venial traits of arrogance, insolence, and self-indulgence and still possess a strong moral fiber. So, is Donald Trump a good man? Is he virtuous? How can the American public, know? Well, in today’s political climate, the quality of being virtuous is tenuous at best, and, if it exists at all in a person, especially a politician, it is one merely of degree. But, the measure of one’s virtue is something that the public – especially the American public – should be most concerned about. The American public should attempt to discern the character of each candidate who seeks high Public Office. And this transcends the relative importance of so-called, “experience” –

– assuming you can rationally accept the claims of the mainstream media that Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton have “experience” – of a beneficial kind, if at all.

If a person lacks a strong moral “ethos,” then that person lacks, in the first instance, the most basic trait, a necessary quality for holding high Public Office. For, the existence of a strong moral “ethos” is a condition precedent to holding high Public Office. Regardless of whatever other qualifications a person might have – depth and breadth of experience, for example – counts for naught if that person lacks a strong moral compass.

Donald Trump does speak his mind. He is not the most tactful of speakers. And that is an understatement, to be sure. But, he can be forgiven that, even as the mainstream media tends to emphasize that. However, there is one thing Trump is not. He is not a liar – although all too many politicians, unfortunately, are. And, that ability of politicians to lie – indeed, that very desire to lie – unashamedly, convincingly – that capacity for lying constantly, incessantly, without remorse – is a thing absolutely unforgivable. No American should forgive anyone – who claims to serve in our name, who happens to be an inveterate liar and hypocrite.

As Saint Thomas Aquinas made amply clear: “As a matter of honor, one man owes it another to manifest The Truth.”

Hillary Clinton
Nothing is clearer than the fact that Hillary Clinton has naked contempt for the American people.

If a person lies to another person, the liar manifests his or her clear lack of respect for that other person – his or her contempt for that person. Nothing is clearer than the fact that Hillary Clinton has naked contempt for the American people – a contempt that is palpable, insufferable, hurtful in the extreme, and therefore altogether unacceptable in one who aims to secure the highest Office of the Land.

Do not get side-tracked by incidentals. Do not become mesmerized by the magic show – the smoke and mirrors extravaganza that the mainstream media puts on for you, to distract you from what is really important. You don’t need, nor should you rely on, any talk show host, or news commentator, or advert, to tell you how to think, or what to think, or how to vote. You can do all that very well, and much better, for yourself.

To learn more about how the media circus uses propaganda to attack our sacred Second Amendment, we encourage our readers to take a look at and peruse perceptive articles on Dr. Brian Anse Patrick’s website:

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Trump Honest my arse ! look at the last time he was involved in an election


I thought we had a reasoned article about Trump, it turned out to be just another attack on Mrs. Clinton. I can not say that I favor either one, but Clinton did such a superior job in the recent Benghazi inquisition, that given hose two as the final choice, I would support her. Trumps egomaniacal disposition will almost certainly get us into another war.




Oops. Didn’t mean to send it yet. Anyway, the whole point of the article was about LIARS: Donald Trump is not a liar, and Hillary, among many other politicians, is a habitual, accomplished liar, and liars have no place among our public servants. Period. Nice try at avoiding the issue…no cigar…


I’ll stick strictly with 2A issues with Mr. Trump. While he may not have lied he has danced around his previous statements and no one has nailed him down to answer the following; you previously stated that you were in favor of expanded waiting periods, are you still? Regarding “assault weapons bans”, you said today’s firearms are not “assault weapons” but have failed to say if you believe there are are firearms you feel law-abiding citizens should not be allowed to own. Those are the types of hard questions Mr. Trump needs to answer before we give him any ringing… Read more »

Larry Jackson

Trump is attacking like crazy today. How long can he keep it up before people get sick of it