Donations Accepted for the Hunters Helping the Hungry Program

West Virginia - Hunters Helping the Hungry
West Virginia – Hunters Helping the Hungry
West Virginia Division of Natural Resources
West Virginia Division of Natural Resources

French Creek, WV -( Donations of harvested deer and financial donations are being accepted for the West Virginia Hunters Helping the Hungry (HHH) program, sponsored by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (DNR).

HHH provides low-fat, low-cholesterol meat to needy families around the state through the Mountaineer Food Bank and the Facing Hunger Foodbank. Hunters can donate legally harvested deer by delivering the deer to the nearest participating meat processor.

A list of processors is available at Venison is deboned, ground and frozen in two-pound packages. The food banks pick up the venison and distribute it to more than 500 food programs throughout West Virginia.

“We need donations of not only deer, but also money,” said Tyler Evans of the DNR Wildlife Resources Section. “Federal law prevents the use of hunting license fees to offset the processing and distribution costs, so DNR requires financial assistance to manage this charitable program.”

The West Virginia Council of Churches has established “Share the Harvest Sunday” to raise awareness of the program and funds to support it. Sunday, Nov. 1, has been designated as the day when members of each participating church will be asked to donate $1, $5, or whatever they can, to HHH.

Each tax-deductible donation, whether direct or through church, will help feed someone less fortunate. Checks should be made out to: Hunters Helping the Hungry, 163 Wildlife Road, French Creek, WV 26218.

Since its inception in 1992, HHH has provided 892,637 pounds of venison for more than 1.2 million family-style meals at a total cost of $1,225,974. Processing costs are $1.45 per pound, with the average deer producing 35.5 pounds of ground venison.

For information about HHH, Share the Harvest Sunday, or general questions about the program, please contact Tyler Evans or Judy Channell with DNR at 304-924-6211 or email [email protected] or j[email protected]

Reminder: Hunters should get their permanent DNR ID number prior to the hunting seasons at, a DNR office or at any license agent, so they will be ready to check in their animal with the new electronic game checking system.

Photo courtesy of the West Virginia Department of Commerce

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