Dr. Walter Palmer Vindicated in Cecil the Lion Witch Hunt

By Dean Weingarten

Dr. Walter Palmer Vindicated in Cecil the Lion Witch Hunt
Dr. Walter Palmer Vindicated in Cecil the Lion Witch Hunt
Dean Weingarten
Dean Weingarten

Arizona – -(Ammoland.com)- Dr. Walter Palmer, who was the subject of a witch hunt by Social Justice Warriors because of the shooting of a lion, in Zimbabwe, Africa, has been vindicated.

The only legitimate reason to fault the good doctor was if he had broken Zimbabwe’s arcane hunting laws.

At the time, I argued that a hunter traveling to Africa had to rely on his guides to follow the complex and obscure African Hunting laws.  That is exactly what Dr. Palmer did.  The Zimbabwe officials have now vindicated him.  From cbslocal.com:

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Officials in Zimbabwe say Dr. Walter Palmer did not break the country’s hunting laws.

This means top government officials are no longer pressing for the Twin Cities dentist to be extradited to Zimbabwe for killing Cecil the lion. Leaders in Zimbabwe say Palmer is welcome to come back as a tourist, but not as a hunter.


Then on Monday morning, authorities cleared Palmer of all wrongdoing, saying he came to Zimbabwe because all of his papers were in order.

The headline writer at CBS could not resist a last minute smear. The headline reads:

Dentist Won’t Be Charged In Zimbabwe Over Cecil The Lion’s Death

That is a far cry from saying, as the article does, that Dr. Palmer did not break any Zimbabwe laws. The headline implies that Dr. Palmer broke laws, but will not be charged. It is very close to libel. I do not expect the good doctor to sue; he has become something of a public figure, and the headline is immediately corrected in the first sentence of the article. But many people only read the headline. This is slimy journalism for all to see.

It was obvious from the start that the attack on Dr. Palmer was a Social Justice Warrior witch hunt. There was no real evidence to go on; there was an emotion laden rant full of fantasy; and it offered a jucy target for Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) to attack; hunting, and in particular, trophy hunting in Africa.

As is usual with SJWs, facts and logic were the first victims. The fact that their attacks on trophy hunting did much to endanger lions and other big game animals in Africa did not matter.  It is trophy hunting, more than anything else, that provides incentive to keep wild populations of these animals viable in Africa.

The experience and opinion of Africans in Zimbabwe did not matter. The expert opinion of game managers and hunting guides did not matter. The SJWs emoted that they liked their Disney image of lions, and did not want them to die, ever, in any manner.

It is the stupid, irrational, and emotive attacks of SJWs that are so hard to counter. They are not moved by logic, by facts, by anything. They have made up their minds, and want blood. Many actually called for Dr. Palmer to be killed. This is a retreat toward savagery and emotive blood lust that most people thought Western Civilization had left behind in the 19th century.

It will not be the last attack on innocent people by SJWs. The headlines across the old media echo the talking point of this one. They do not say that Dr. Palmer was found not to have violated any Zimbabwe laws. They go with the talking point that Zimbabwe Officials decided not to charge him. It is a large and significant difference, and those who promote that headline deserve contempt and shame.

It is nice to see that Dr. Palmer seems to have weathered the SJW storm and his practice is now returning to normal.  It validates the observation that these emotional tantrums thrown by the uninformed are relatively short lived affairs.  From the article:

“Right away in the beginning there were just like a ton of protestors there and then died down for a while. And then the last couple of weeks we would get people coming through once a week,” Heidi Nephew, who lives near Palmer’s Bloomington dentist office, said.

She says the media storm and protests caused a nuisance for everyone in the area.

I wish Dr. Palmer the best.  No one should be put through the grinder, as he was, based on ignorance and emotion.

c2014 by Dean Weingarten: Permission to share is granted when this notice is included. Link to Gun Watch

About Dean Weingarten;

Dean Weingarten has been a peace officer, a military officer, was on the University of Wisconsin Pistol Team for four years, and was first certified to teach firearms safety in 1973. He taught the Arizona concealed carry course for fifteen years until the goal of constitutional carry was attained. He has degrees in meteorology and mining engineering, and recently retired from the Department of Defense after a 30 year career in Army Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation.


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Trini Lady

Just an FYI to your morans this was an article from the people that was tracking cecil and the findings is clear Palmer should be put to justice… spread the light “Scott Ramsay: What was illegal about the hunt? Brent Stapelkamp: First, there was no hunting quota on lions this year in the Gwaai area. The minimum age of lion that can be hunted is six years. Last year in 2014 only one lion out of the five shot in the area was above six. One of those lions was just 2 years old. So this year, the hunters were… Read more »


Apparently the most effective way to protect endangered species is to monetize them, and then KILL them, or so this article leads us to believe. If conservation is the trophy hunter’s goal then why not monetize these animals and NOT kill them. Nonetheless, there are people in this world who simply cannot relate with animals; their brains simply lack the capacity to do this. Explaining the subject to them is probably a lot like trying to teach trigonometry to a cave man.


None of these broadcast on the news hunts were known to be illegal at the time they were hunting . Africa has already said the ban on big game hinting is costing dozens of animals to poaching as the parks can no longer afford to provide park rangers as they dont have the money from HUnting permits. So rant about one old lion and ten get poached , complain about one near dead giraffe and 30 elephants get poached for their tusks . Reality is they have to control and contain the wildlife and hunters fees pay for it peroid… Read more »


First, lions aren’t endangered species and from reading some of the morons who post here either are morons that think animals are equal to humans. I bet those that think killing an animal is murder also support Planned Parenthoods right to sale slaughtered babies body parts. Some people priorities are just screwed up.


Keep watching Faux News, David. Seems like you are vastly outnumbered here. You are the typical “wildlife is ours to do with what we please” junkie. Heard it all. Your comment is used by every other usurper of earth’s treasures. Try to come up with something refreshingly different.

Personal IP Address :


These left wing views are so generalized, devoid of facts, and presume so many falsehoods, that I hardly know where to start. Modern legal hunting is very tightly controlled. Modern legal hunting provides the finical bases for the support of wild life. If wildlife did not serve man in some way, wildlife would soon be extinct (e.g. when establishing farms in Africa, farmers used to pay hunters to just kill every animal species that was in the way of farming, to wit: elephants, rhinos, lions by the thousands). Absent modern legal hunting that slaughter would have continued. Having said that,… Read more »


What Palmer did was not legal hunting it was Poaching and he should be charged along with the professional hunter
and land owner.


Murder animals? No such thing, only humans can be murdered. You all should get an education or a dictionary.

Never mind don’t waste your money, “You can’t fix stupid, It’s forever!”

Chris rakes

Get the he’ll over it people THEY ARE ANIMALS PEOPLE. They are safe to serve man.


Unless you are extremely wealthy, keep defending these “trophy hunters” who will bury you inasmuch as most people could never afford this sick hobby. You must think you’re defending gun and hunting rights – please continue! The more of them, the fewer of the likes of you. The average, “ethical” hunter is being displaced only you’re too blinded by “rights” and arrogance to notice.

Personal IP Address :


After reading all of the ignorant, hateful and selfish responses I believe it was the comedian Ron White that best describes you trolls…and that’s probably what most of you are?

“You can’t fix stupid, It’s forever!”


Wow, what a tremendous amount of vitriol here. It is true that the so called big game hunting industry is an outlet for people who have too much money, too much ego, and too little hunting skill and personal self worth. I am happy to see that this unfortunate event has not galvanized most people to object to all hunting. Hunting is a necessity of nature, over populations of some animals occur and massive disease and starvation occur without predation. It is important to realize that every time a new housing project, an oceanfront resort or clearing of a rain… Read more »


Has any of you whiners ever has a Lion Sandwich?
Their grrreeeat!!!


Palmer is a monster who will be punished.

Personal IP Address :


He makes reference to slimy reporting..you know what’s slimy ? It rhymes with Dahmer..and I hope someone eats you alive Palmer…


I wander how much did he paid to the Z government??? Probably now Bubba and Mongue will have to go a depression treatment after find out that Palmer is not going to give them company in their Z’s jail!!!!


If mortally wounding a protected animal isn’t doing anything wrong and if completely discrediting everyone who seeks to protect life rather than destroy it for personal amusement and aggrandizement isn’t doing anything wrong, then facts and logic tell me to part trails with you. Further, it is gullible and biased man, a former peace officer no less, who assumes that a failure to prosecute equals factual innocence. Let’s face it, most of us are limited to what the press reports; the only people who know exactly what happened were there. One thing is certain, you’re more than happy to smear… Read more »


USFWS investigation still open – the only one that matters. It’s not over for this monster.


USFWS shouldn’t be doing anything its Zimbabwe’s issue.


As much as I LOVE ANIMALS, it’s all anti hunting anti-gun propaganda. The people over there TAG all the lions, and just count tags, no big deal. The REAL reason the fanatics are in a feeding frenzy: some idiot NAMED this one.


Mar-vel Yes Cecil had a name, he also was a collared research animal and professional hunters know, there is a “code” that these animals should not be hunted. Thousands of lions, rhinos, elephants, cheetah, and other exotic Big Game animals had/have neither a name nor collar. If it took a “named” lion to wake the world to this disgusting practice running amok for decades, then Cecil did not die in vain. All lions, all elephants, all rhinos are Cecil. Being nameless does not make Palmer’s or any trophy hunter’s killing less reprehensible.


Gee, how much did the ‘good doctor’ pay you to write this piece of crap? Really??? Btw, who hunted whom here? Yes, I said ‘WHOM’ not ‘WHAT’ – and as long as you heartless creeps continue to treat animals as ‘things,’ you will continue to suffer the consequences of your disgusting actions.


This Palmer jerk is not going to see one happy day, unless he publicly denounces trophy hunting, and donates money to animal rescue charities instead of hunting animals. Only way out to become the public face of anti trophy hunting!
Hunt the hunters! It is on!

Personal IP Address :


attempted to leave a comment but unable to do so.

Ralph Hunter

No, he is not in any way vindicated. He is a two time poacher and a molester of women. He is a creep and if you support his actions, your own behavior is called into question as well. Getting a get out of jail free card from a corrupt government that relies on the bribes of so called hunters is not vindication. It’s yet another criminal act. He’s a creep and everyone knows it. People who kill for sport are pathological creeps and just one step away from serial murders. While I have you, please explain why every trophy photo… Read more »


He’s still a piece of shit as is the Zim govt. And this guys ancient argument about hunters being great conservationists is is also just a bunch more crap. That might have been the case at one time, but due to greed and corruption its not anymore. Now hunters are just killing wildlife just like the poachers, neither one willing to give it a rest for the sake of the animal, so determined to get their trophy before they are all gone. Real men dont kill innocent wildlife for sport, if you call that sporting. I call it cowardly overcompensation… Read more »


WE ARE JUST BEGINNING! Keep hiding your faces because you know what you are doing is wrong and immoral. You are ashamed… The world is listening. Businesses are listening. Government is starting to listen. Go fly DELTA!!! Or United or the rest of the airlines that won’t fly your blood trophies! Its only beginning but hey thanks to your buddy who murdered Cecil… He woke up the sleeping bear!

Personal IP Address :

Marilyn McCormack

I could not have said this better myself. I find the killing of this majestic lion Cecil unthinkable. What kind of person could enjoy such a brutal act. It’s unbelievable to me why they do. It’s shameful and no one in their right mind would enjoy such a brutal killing and then to take pictures of themselves. Absurd to say the least. Karma surely will ensue.

Personal IP Address :

Elizabeth knox

The fact that Zimbabwe did not extradite is because they are afraid to lose hunters who pay thousands to the government President Mugabe is corrupt, a tyrant who slaughtered animals from his zoo for his birthday meal. This is the man we seek justice from? Walter palmer is guilty however as you relish in repeating SJW are without a fact, wrong sir, read the articles, the facts are there for all to see. Trophy hunters and Palmer is one are decimating wildlife and some of those animals will be extinct in my lifetime Walter palmer is guilty justice was not… Read more »

Irie Rogers

When I remove myself from the emotional response I have from trophy hunting, I am left to stop hating the hunters and look at them in a new way, devoid of my painful compassion for the animals. So what I have left when I look at it objectively with this sort of “helicopter view”, is the reality of the absurdity that dwells in this hunting culture. A guy spends tons of money, and uses planes, and expensive vehicles to drag himself and his expensive high tech weaponry and gear to meet up with guides that will take him to his… Read more »


Well said, Irie. When “antis” ask trophy hunters why they enjoy kiling animals, the standard reply is that trophy hunting ISN’T about the killing, it’s about getting in touch with nature and the “adventure”. Getting “in touch with nature” is, like, hiking in the mountains and sleeping in a spartan tent. Going on a hunting safari in Africa, being whisked around in 4x4s by your own professional hunter, and staying at luxurious lodges with fluffy bedding, eating meals and drinking aged whiskies and scotch……….not so much. Having an adventure? There’s myriad ways to do that without killing an endangered animal.… Read more »


Dean Weingarten your full for crap just because the government did cleared him of wrong doing does not mean me never did wrong he did wrong in the past i sure would not trust him or anyone that are trophy hunters only blood thirsty people are hunters and these that defend scum like him i don’t go out to murder animals to hang on a wall people like even you make me sick defeending his type.

Personal IP Address :


What kind of nonsense is this publication??

Let’s give it a better name for starters: “Dr Walter Palmer goes unpunished in having is hand in finally exterminating rare species on our planet.”

Before calling people savagaes, first wipe your glasses off blood and recognize the actual savage: your beloved Dr Walter Palmer. What he has done is a premeditaded murder of an animal. What for? A trophy lion head in his house? For pictures of him standing on a dead animal with a rifle in his hand? How f**ed up is that!!!

Personal IP Address :


You idiots, he didn’t use a gun he used a bow, and then finished with a gun.

Tom Watson

Vindicated? He is a do***bag. Is that vindication?

Walter Palmer(fake name)

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? Oh wait, I get it, this was a comedy piece. Christ, you gun-toting animal abusers expect anyone else to believe this?

Personal IP Address :

Liona Roarthen

Vindicated? Are you kidding me? He got away with murder because of Zimbabwe’s need to have Robert Mugabes palms greased! You hunters of endangered species are very quick to respond to any sort of ‘false vindication for your atrocious acts in the name of ‘conservation.


Liona Roarthen totally agree with you there

Ralph Hunter

I completely agree as well.


First off you all need to understand the animal world which clearly you do not. There is a selective amount of tags to be had in order to hunt these animals. Second The hunt is for the alpha males that are older why you may ask it is simple. Like humans when we get up in age we do not reproduce like we do when we are young. They may remain many years as alpha and not reproduce they way we need them too. So by killing them off your insuring A younger male will come up and bring the… Read more »


Are you kidding me? More anti-wildlife rhetoric. You sure do make it sound good, though. Cecil had at least 6 cubs and TWO females in his pride. They have been studied and followed since Cecill’s demise. I guess that makes your point either moot, or an outright untruth.


Agree 100%….we’re dealing with a bunch of gun-happy imbeciles.

Personal IP Address :


Ridiculous comment! KILLING has NOTHING to do with “bringing the numbers up”….it has to do with EGO, CRUELTY, and IGNORANCE. This is one of the most uneducated articles I have ever read. Hey, but we’re used to you killers saying anything and everything to try and make yourselves look better to the people on this planet that actually respect it and its beautiful creatures. Animals do not need our help in this way. Just another excuse to take your gun and kill something.

Personal IP Address :

Marguerite Sommers

This guy is just as capable of murdering a human as he was Cecil. He knew very well what was happening & regardless of his having ‘others’ to hunt the animal for him he is 100% just as guilty. He is scum & I hope he loses everything! Animals are far more humane then this asshole…including the moron who wrote this article.

Personal IP Address :