Fanning the Flames of Freedom After Bundy Ranch ~ VIDEO

by Jason Van Tatenhove

Bundy Ranch
Fanning the Flames of Freedom After Bundy Ranch

Oath Keepers

USA – -( A spark was struck, not long ago, when a single cattle rancher took a stand and refused to pay grazing fees to an unelected federal agency.

Many of us know Cliven Bundy’s stand kicked off one of our greatest victories and forced the Bureau of Land Management to back down.

However, many don’t know what Cliven, and the patriots who stood with him, were really opposing.

How many people really know how water and grazing rights work? Why did Cliven refuse to pay his grazing fees? What are these fees in the first place? How did the BLM get the authority to access them and enforce the laws around them? Why were all the other ranching families in the area pushed off their land and forced to give up their traditional way of life? Is there an overreaching plan that connects the agendas of the BLM and US Forest Service, to the ranchers and miners that have been run out of the family business?

These are just some of the topics that LaVoy Finicum and I talk about in this exclusive Oath Keepers interview.

LaVoy Finicum is an Arizona rancher who stood with his fellow patriots at Bundy Ranch. He sat astride his horse, shoulder to shoulder with the Bundy’s along the ridge at Bunkerville. My memories of that event seem to have jumped out of a Louis L’amour novel depicting men of character and grit, standing up to immoral government agents.

We had a victory there at Bundy Ranch, but it was only one battle in what is shaping up to be a long, drawn out war. One victory will not win our conflict but we had a second, more enduring, success from Bundy that will. Our campaign will be won by the dozens of sparks that came from Bundy, and are being fed into flames by men like LaVoy. Men who have decided that they will no longer be a part of a corrupt system that has tried again and again to kill our American way of life.

Please take the time to watch this interview with one of our newest fire starters, LaVoy Finicum. Help us to spread the word about this situation by sharing with your like-minded friends and family.

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