Firearm Safety Just Got a Bit More Affordable

Safe Direction Ballistic Containment-Gun Handling Safety Products for protection against the aftermath of an unintentional discharge.
Safe Direction Ballistic Containment-Gun Handling Safety Products for protection against the aftermath of an unintentional discharge.
Safe Direction
Safe Direction

Addison, IL -( Ravelin Group is making a limited time offer of 10% off of our best-selling Safe Direction Academy Pad Ballistic Containment System through December 31th, 2015.

Ravelin Group hopes especially that the third of all firearm owning Americans with children under 18 (according to a recent Pew Research Center report) will take advantage of this limited offer! Since 2004, Safe Direction Ballistic Containment-Firearm Safety Products have provided civilians and law enforcement personnel alike with the convenience and reliability of a defined “safe direction” for use during firearm loading, unloading and maintenance.

Our patented Pistol Transport Case integrates NIJ IIIA equivalency with energy dispersal protection to protect persons, property and liability in the aftermath of an unintentional discharge.

Safe Direction Gun Handling Safety Products Meet the Need for Convenient, Reliable Gun Handling Safety and Protection from the Immediate Aftermath of an Unintentional Firearm Discharge! 

Unintentional firearm discharges and other user-created firearm accidents are widely reported in the press and social media. They have a ripple effect of making all firearm owners appear to be accidents waiting to happen!

Firearms owners are constantly reminded:

  • Never point your muzzle at anything you are not willing to destroy!
  • Always point your gun in a safe direction!

Yet, in our homes and other enclosed spaces, where do we point our muzzles? And when we load, unload and dry-fire our handguns, are we doing so in a consistent and confident manner? When these two questions are left to chance, sad and sorry accidents can and do occur!

Safe Direction Academy Pad with muzzle
Safe Direction Academy Pad with muzzle

Safe Direction Gun Handling Safety Products with integral NIJ IIIA equivalent ballistic protection proactively define the safe focus of your handgun’s muzzle during loading, unloading and cleaning activities. Our patented Pistol Transport Case has an integral ballistic containment system that marries NIJ IIIA equivalency with Ballistic-Seal energy dispersion panel. The system works together to completely absorb and contain a firearm discharge up to .44 Magnum including .45 ACP – all in a convenient pistol carry case so that you can have your Safe Direction with you at home and while traveling. Look for our new “low profile” Pistol Transport Case redesign coming early November 2015!

Our Safe Direction Academy Pad employs the same patented ballistic containment concept in a slim pad design that offers versatility and the convenience of placing the Academy Pad in your own binder, bag, case or drawer.

Safe Direction Academy Pad
Safe Direction Academy Pad

All Safe Direction ballistic materials are warranted for 5 years from date of purchase and come with easy to follow user instructions specially developed by Ravelin Group lead firearm instructor, Steve Camp. Consistent, scrupulous gun handling practice coupled with our Safe Direction firearm safety products can lessen the likelihood of damage due to an unintentional discharge. Regular users of Safe Direction safety products report greater gun handling competence and increased confidence in their own ability.

Make routine loading and unloading of your handgun in your home or when traveling a safer and more secure practice: Take advantage of this limited time offer: order our best-selling Safe Direction Academy Pad shipped free to your door for $162.00! Find out about our full line of handgun and rifle rated firearm safety products and live-fire videos at and check out our online store.

The holidays are coming, give the gift of safety!

About Ravelin Group, LLC:

Ravelin Group, LLC manufactures and sells Safe Direction Firearm Safety Products and AR 500 Reactive Steel Targets including the Rotator Self-resetting Handgun-Shotgun Target; we are a LE distributor of Sage Ordnance and DKX Hard Armor. Ravelin Group’s lead instructor, Steve Camp offers defensive firearm training and Illinois Concealed Carry Certification Training.

For more information, visit:

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Dwade Hawley

Is this product available in Canada? Dealer name, phone, address email please