Firminator Accu-Seed System Makes Food Plot Seeding A Breeze

Firminator Accu-Seed System
Firminator Accu-Seed System
Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment

Milner, GA -( Planting the right amount of seed is critical for food plot success.

Spread too much seed, and you’re wasting money, and even worse, the sprouts are crowded and unable to grow to their potential. If your seeding rate is too light, the resulting bare spots and thin growth will not be pretty, and they certainly won’t attract deer like a properly prepared green field.

The Firminator, the all-in-one food plot implement, includes a built-in feature that makes spreading the right amount of seed a breeze. The Firminator’s versatile Accu-Seed System handles seeds of all sizes, from the tiniest clover to the largest seeds like corn, soybeans, peas and sunflowers.

With the Accu-Seed System, the Firminator can be used to install perfectly prepared and planted food plots, filter strips, pastures, lawns and other conservation plantings. Because the seeding system is ground driven, the seed is metered out relative to the speed the tractor or ATV is traveling. When the Firminator stops rolling, the seed stops falling. Expensive seed is never wasted when planting with the Firminator’s Accu-Seed System. Simply fill the seed hopper, and adjust the metering openings by moving the linkage handle on the back of the seed box. An indicator on the handle shows the seed size selections in 1/16-inch graduations.

If you are planting a mix, set the size for the largest seed in the hopper, and the metering system will dispense the seed at the generally accepted rate. When you are ready to dispense the seed, open the small access door on the side of the frame, pull and turn the small pin one-quarter turn and release. This engages the metering shaft, and seed will now be allowed to fall as the Firminator begins to roll. The seed is dropped into a specially designed seed baffle that thoroughly distributes the seed right in front of the culti-packer and also protects the seed from wind deflection. You know exactly how wide your seeding pattern is, once again eliminating guessing and waste.

An optional seed hopper agitator is available. This agitator is useful for keeping seed thoroughly mixed and preventing small seeds from sifting through too quickly when custom mixing seeds of extreme size differences. Most commercially prepared seed blends do not necessitate the agitator option, but it’s a great feature for planting some custom mixes.

The Firminator, from Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment, is by far the most versatile food-plot implement ever. Choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform any task. If a site is to be planted for the first time and is heavy with debris, the disk angles can be set aggressively along with a heavy forward tilt of the entire unit for deeper disk penetration. If a minimal till operation is desired, then the angles and pitch can be adjusted to just slightly cut through top litter without disturbing the soil excessively. There is no need to disk the soil with other equipment before using The Firminator. This implement will do all the necessary work of planting a food plot from start to finish.

From preparing a perfect seedbed to perfect seed distribution with the Accu-Seed System, the Firminator is simply the best food-plot implement ever made.

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Ranew’s Outdoor Equipment features the Firminator – The Firminator is by far the most versatile piece of equipment in the industry. The operator can choose from a wide range of angle and pitch adjustments to perform many different functions.

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