Gun Banners Unleashing an All-Out Assault on the Second Amendment

Anti-gun liberals are about to unleash an all-out assault on your gun rights.

Harry Reid
Harry Reid
Gun Owners of America
Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC –-( You saw Obama’s angry rant after the latest shooting in a gun-free zone.

The President declared all-out war on the Second Amendment, even suggesting that we should follow Australia’s example — a country that confiscated firearms from law-abiding citizens.

GOA in the News

Gun Owners of America prepared a blistering response to the President, which can be read here.

Subsequently, GOA was asked to address the nation in USA Today, and we have taken our “guns save lives” message to the airwaves all over the country, including CNN, Armed American Radio and Latino TV.

The President wants the eradication of guns to be his legacy.

And intense pressure that is being exerted inside-the-Beltway in Washington could coerce Congress into fighting on his side.

That is, unless we can stop them.

Harry Reid Attacks GOA

We stopped Obama in 2013. In fact, Senator Harry Reid just attacked Gun Owners of America this week because of our role in stopping gun control, right after the Sandy Hook tragedy.

Reid still remembers 2013 vividly, when the loud outcry from GOA members and activists made it IMPOSSIBLE for other gun groups to compromise.

At the time, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said:

“You’ve got Gun Owners of America which is way to the right of what the NRA is. It makes it hard for the NRA to be reasonable.” (Nevada Public Radio, April 6, 2013)

Harry Reid is still sore that “not one word” of gun control passed.

Media credits GOA as the “Gun Control Slayer”

The establishment was shocked. If you remember, EVERYONE in the media — even some gun groups — were conceding that new gun control restrictions were “inevitable.”

But Gun Owners of America never conceded one inch. The message that YOU helped us deliver was “Oppose EVERY word of gun control.”

The effort paid off, as acknowledged by several media outlets:

  • “Democrats Blame ‘Gun Owners of America’ for Gun Control Setback.” — TPM, April 8, 2013
  • “According to conservative staffers, Gun Owners of America was the most active outside group in early efforts to block all gun control efforts.” –– The Examiner, April 28, 2013
  • “Democratic staffers likewise [said] that other Republicans they’ve approached to co-sponsor a background check bill were quick to point to the GOA as the most obvious reason not to.” — Slate, April 4, 2013

That was 2013. Now, it seems that anti-gunners are trying to resuscitate the old “it’s inevitable” mantra that almost succeeded two years ago.

Just peruse almost any news station this week, and you will see the renewed push for restricting your gun rights.

Well, let them try. We defeated them once. It can be done again.

But we need your help.

It’s time for “All hands on deck”

Many GOA activists took action in 2013, responding to our email alerts and sending multiple communications to their elected legislators.

And there are many who continue to take action to this very day.

But there are still some who haven’t been taking action on our alerts.

If there is ever a time we need your help, it’s now.

This is an ALL OUT BATTLE, where we need YOU to contact your elected officials in Washington.

Why? Because they are under intense pressure.

GOA has made it VERY easy to take action. All you have to do is go here to send an email to Representative and Senators with just a couple clicks of your mouse.

When the screen loads, you just type in your address. Why does it ask for that? Because your address determines which legislator will get your email. Legislators will NOT read any mail sent from you that does not have an address.

They don’t care about any messages that come from outside of their districts.

That’s why it’s so imperative that you let them know you are one of their constituents … and that you will “remember in November” if they vote to eviscerate the Second Amendment.


Please Take Action by clicking on the link here and sending your email to your Representative and Senators. We want to inundate every legislative office with thousands of communications from pro-gun constituents in the districts.

The pre-written text for this first volley is short-and-sweet. But we will provide you even more sample letters over the next few weeks, and add more detail to explain the horrendous legislation that your elected officials need to oppose.

The good news is that once you enter your address and click the “Remember Me” box, you won’t have to enter your address again.

So the next time it will literally take seconds to send an email, thereby joining your voice to the tremendous throng of gun owners nationwide who are putting the “heat” on their legislators.

Thank you!

In liberty,

Erich Pratt
Director of Communications
Gun Owners of America

About: Gun Owners of America (GOA) is a non-profit lobbying organization formed in 1975 to preserve and defend the Second Amendment rights of gun owners. GOA sees firearms ownership as a freedom issue. `The only no comprise gun lobby in Washington’ – Ron Paul Visit: to Join.

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Trying to make everyone unarmed sheeple , so you can have no privacy , unable to protect yourself or property . Our government has no respect of the laws that are written or the Constitution , look at releasing 6000 more criminals early because they have been imprisoned as the laws are written . Until marijuana is not a sched 1 drug , the law should be enforced as written otherwise lets ignore of the machine gun act of 1986 and the nfa registry. payment of taxes and a few other things. Lets get paid for being the policeman in… Read more »

Clark Kent

You are able to put fuel in your tank every week due to our being the policemen in two sandboxes. Unless you would rather walk…….


Iraq’s oil mainly goes to Europe, Afganistan has no real production , Wall street has been shaming the oil shortage so long thers no place to put oil right now. Oil glut will continue into 2017. Not seeing any value for being in Iraq 20 years now. Unless you like the fact that Hillary’s arms deals put m1a1m tanks into DAESH’s hands , When Mosul was captured 2300 humvees were taken to Syria . 400 Stinger missiles earmarked for Libyan rebels ended up in Afganistan downing a Chinook. China is buying old supertankers to hoard oil along with a bunch… Read more »


This whole thing was never about oil but about putting weapons into the handsof terrorists, that has been the dictators plan the whole time, he is100% mazlam and that’s all there is to it. The dictator has even said that when things turn bad he will stand with the mazlamz. The thing we have in the house at this time has nothing but hate for this country and has proved it many times now. He is going to go after our guns in any way he can, you can bet he will even come up with some more mass shootings… Read more »

Clark Kent

‘Feeding the war machine’. You sound like an old hippie from the ’60’s. Enjoy your walks when the oil from the Middle East dries up after the USA bails out of the area.