HRC’s Goal, ‘Gun Confiscation’ Slips Out

By John Farnam

HRC's Goal, 'Gun Confiscation' Slips Out
HRC’s Goal, ‘Gun Confiscation’ Slips Out
Defense Training International, Inc
Defense Training International, Inc

Ft Collins, CO –-( It slips out:

As HRC flounders on the witness-stand last week, despite withering help from her Democrat apologists, who dutifully fall in line and insist that she can do no wrong, her scantily-reported speech last Friday on the subject of private ownership of guns by American citizens has gone largely unreported.

Not surprising!

Last Friday, HRC, in a rare moment of honesty, advocated for the forced confiscation of privately, legally-owned guns from otherwise innocent American citizens.

She extolled the virtue of the “Australian Model,” which in 1996 was a universal gun “buy-back” program. She went on to say that such a system “would be worth considering (in America) on a national level.”

She deceitfully made it sound as if Australia’s gun “buy-back” program was optional, that is: “discretionary” on the part of Australian citizens.

What she hypocritically failed to mention is, in Australia the government “buy-back” of privately, legally owned guns was not voluntary! “Selling” every one of your guns to the government was made mandatory, and the paltry price paid was dictated by inaccessible government bureaucrats, with no provision for appeal.

In plain English, they used your money to confiscate your guns.

Within less than a year, nearly all privately-owned guns were thus permanently confiscated by the Australian government. Most were subsequently destroyed, including prized family heirlooms, in highly-publicized, public ceremonies, so as to sneer in the faces of newly-disarmed Australians. The few that were not turned-in are now contraband.

Since then, violent crime has gone up in all parts of Australia. HRC also failed to mention that!

Cynical professions of innocence aside, this is what all liberals, and most other Democrats, are pushing for in America. HRC just let it slip out a little early!

“Free men bear arms”

Doubt that at your peril!


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Anyone with a brain can see this coming and the GOP are working behind the seen’s with the Commie/NWO/Muslim/DemoRats..!!! “We the People” know what’s coming and what will need to be done to survive the coming Martial Law, i.e., the coming Civil War 2..they will never disarm “We the People”…PERIOD..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

Clark Kent

Not near enough troops/police for martial law. Unchecked chaos and rioting is what is in store. Prepare yourself and your family and get ready to lock and load.

Michael Fulton

All these liberal/democrat/socialists care about is control and domination of everyone. They don’t want people to be able to vote for choice. Through their cohorts in the media, they twist the truth any way they can to meet their ends. And the rinos in the GOP are complicit in the lies. If we are to take back our country, we are going to have to replace ALL politicians with everyday people and enforce term limits through the ballot box.