Hunting App Adds Migration Report and Weather Push Notifications

As the waterfowl migration begins to heat up, Waterfowl Tracker announced the availability of location-based push notifications for inclement weather and migration reports.

Waterfowl Tracker
Waterfowl Tracker

Lincoln, NE -( Powderhook announced today it added several new features to its rapidly growing app, Waterfowl Tracker.

A free iPhone and Android app designed to aid waterfowlers in tracking migration and harvest activity, Waterfowl Tracker now sends winter weather warnings, observation reports and harvest reports based on a hunter’s desired location.

According to Eric Dinger, co-Founder of Powderhook, the company was looking for a way to cut through the clutter.

“People are really busy. Consequently, their phones are constantly buzzing and reminding them of appointments, emails, news and football scores. But, for many people waterfowl hunting as important as anything. Until today, I’d never received a push notification telling me guys in my area were seeing new ducks. I get texts from buddies in the field, but with this new feature in Waterfowl Tracker I can follow along when I don’t have friends out hunting, or follow areas of the country I plan to hunt sometime down the road.”

Push notifications can be annoying. So, by default Powderhook engineered the app so hunters have to manually turn them on. Once a user arrives at the notifications area of the app, they’ll be greeted with three different options for the messages they wish to receive.

First users click to open the side bar and select “Get Notifications.” Then the hunter selects the city or state and the distance from the area they’re interested in. For example, within 100 miles of St. Louis. Next, the user can choose which notifications they wish to receive. Current options include; Peak Reports, All Reports and Weather Alerts.

Waterfowl Tracker
Waterfowl Tracker
  • Peak Reports” delivers notifications of peak migration activity in the area. This might be useful for hunters trying to time that extra day off. Or, it can serve as an update on how hunting is going in a region north of that hunter.
  • All Reports” generates notifications based on observation and harvest reports of any kind. This would be most useful for the waterfowl junky out there who wants to keeps tabs on all the activity they can in a certain area.
  • Weather Alerts” notifications save the hunter a bunch of time. When an area of interest is under a winter storm or other inclement weather warning, the hunter gets a notification. An example of this being useful is tracking the weather in a region a hunter’s birds usually migrate from.

Dinger, a waterfowl hunter himself, was the first user to start getting push notifications.

“I hunt around Lincoln, NE a lot and I’ve got a trip planned in November to South Dakota. So, right now I’m getting all notifications around Lincoln and ‘Peak Report’ notifications for the Hecla area of South Dakota.”

Lastly, hunters can toggle on or off the general notifications all users get. As an example, Powderhook plans to send a push notification to users each time an update to the app is available.

Waterfowl Tracker
Waterfowl Tracker

Current users must update their app in order to take advantage of the new features. New users can download the app via Google Play or the App Store.

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