Legendary Courteney Boots available at African Sporting Creations

Largest U.S. distributor

Legendary Courteney Boots available at African Sporting Creations
Legendary Courteney Boots available at African Sporting Creations
African Sporting Creations
African Sporting Creations

Mansfield, OH -(AmmoLand.com)- Step into excitement with the iconic safari boot of Africa.

Every Courteney boot is constructed entirely by hand in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe, from Cape buffalo, ostrich or hippo uppers, and each pair is as individual as the serial number it bares. Because of their legendary durability, these boots enjoy a world-wide following among those who seek adventure.

One Namibian PH, who relies on a pedometer to see how far he walks each year, said his last pair endured 14 years and almost 10,000 miles before they had to be “retired”.

John Austin Rice grew up in a family of shoemakers and founded the Courteney Boot Company. The boots he was issued during the Rhodesian Bush War were not up to his standards so he made a pair for himself and a business was born. John passed away in 2012 but the process he used to build a better boot so many years ago is still honored today.

One of the keys to their incredible durability is they make their own soles on an 80 ton hydraulic press using a rubber formulation that took years to perfect. This is especially true of the extra-thick “Tyre Tread” sole which was originally made from scrapped military tires. Texas quail hunters love this sole because they tell us they are the only soles thick enough to repel cactus spines.

In temperate climates, people appreciate the all-leather, unlined uppers of their footwear that breathes to wick moisture away from the foot to help prevent blisters. This is not to say you cannot wear your Courteney boots year-round in colder areas like the Midwest. From start to finish, each pair of Courteney boots takes about two weeks to complete. While Courteney may be the smallest vertically integrated footwear factory you will ever find, the quality of their product is unmatched.

African Sporting Creations (ASC) carries the largest stock of Courteney boots, shoes and accessories in the USA, and many of their offerings are exclusive. ASC inventories over $100,000 of Courteney footwear across ten of their most popular men’s/women’s boots and shoes. They also stock a full assortment of Courteney accessories, belts, and haversacks in impala or ostrich.

Not sure what size you need? Simply call ASC and they will send out a second pair on the honor system to make buying boots unseen a hassle-free experience. Inventoried products ship the next business day, and customers can special order any boot, in any hide with any sole, with a 120 day delivery time from ASC.

  • Sizes:
    • Men’s 8-12 USA (7-14 in the Selous)
    • Women’s 6.5-9 USA
  • Width-they are a wider cut shoe
  • Weight: 1.5 – 2.5 lbs./boot depending on sole and height
  • Price: Shoes start at $180 and boots start at $279
  • Warranty-Limited one-year warranty

About African Sporting Creations:

African Sporting Creations was established in 2003 with just one product: African shooting sticks. Since then, their assortment has expanded to include hundreds of items, more than two-thirds of which aren’t available anywhere else.

See and buy their exciting collection of unique products at www.AFRICANSC.com.