Lucky Gunner Unveils Treasure Trove of Ballistic Data

Lucky Gunner Ballistics Gel Test #1
Lucky Gunner Ballistics Gel Test #1
Lucky Gunner
Lucky Gunner

The team at Lucky Gunner just published a collection of handgun ballistic data that’s shedding a ton of light on pistol ammo performance for shooters.

The handgun ammo tests, which cover 117 different handgun loads in 380 ACP, 9mm, 40 S&W and 45 ACP feature penetration depth, retained weight, diameter, and velocity data. There are a number of high-resolution still photographs and high-speed video snippets detailing the performance of each load while entering a fresh block of synthetic ballistic gel after passing through four layers of fabric.

You can access the ammo ballistic data by clicking HERE.

“This project ended up being a huge undertaking, but we knew there was no easy way to create this kind of much-needed resource for shooters looking for reliable information on the various self-defense loads on the market,” Chris Baker, the project leader and force behind the visual and technical aspects of the testing at Lucky Gunner said.

The team believes this is the most comprehensive study made publicly available to the shooting community in recent years.

All the data for the rounds as well as that round’s performance relative to other hollow point loads in that caliber are displayed on Lucky Gunner’s individual ammo pages. That means shoppers will have more than just a marketing message to base their defense decisions off of.

Lucky Gunner Ballistics Gel Test #2
Lucky Gunner Ballistics Gel Test #2

Further, the team dissects the FBI’s 12 to 18-inch penetration standard and various other aspects of traditional hollow point performance with sortable tables that also allow for easy comparisons of the various loads.

“Our goal throughout the design and execution phases of the project was to give shooters a reliable data point that they could use in their decision-making. We know not every shooter values the same characteristics in the same ways – because of that, we saw our job as to present all the data we could in a way that was easy to understand and not pass judgment on one round as being ‘better’ than another,” Anthony Welsch of Lucky Gunner said.

From here, there are several other calibers the team has already started to initialize testing for and they plan to add additional handgun loads to the 9mm, 40 S&W, 45 ACP and 380 ACP mix as they become available on the market.

About Lucky Gunner:

The online ammo shop Lucky Gunner started because a group of shooters came together and thought they could make the ammo buying experience better on the web. Aside from only offering in-stock rounds and fast shipping, a big part of creating the best ammo shopping experience out there was helping fellow shooters learn more about what we put through our guns and learning as much about the sport we’re so passionate about. At Lucky Gunner Labs, we try to tackle the most difficult topics facing shooters today. From the age-old question of what difference brass vs. steel cased ammunition makes on your rifle and your shooting performance to the differences between brands and models of eye protection.

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5 years ago

I look forward to seeing more of these videos