Ol’Man Drone: The Ultimate Climbing Stand

Drone from Ol'Man Outdoors
Drone from Ol'Man Outdoors
OL'MAN Outdoors
OL'MAN Outdoors

Pearl, MI -(Ammmoland.com)- The Drone from Ol'Man Outdoors is unlike any other climbing treestand on the market, offering the safest and fastest way to level your treestand while climbing.

One turn of the wrist allows the hunter to extend or retract up to 5 inches of cable. This new climber retains many of the classic Ol'Man features, but the Drone takes it to new levels by incorporating new oval tubing and an improved cable system to make set up even easier and quicker.

Fluorescent cable heads allow simple assembly of the Drone in the dark, while the oval tubing eliminates the need for twisting a cable to align with the hole. Any stand can accommodate a hunter, but simply providing a place to sit is not what Ol'Man Outdoors had in mind when designing the Drone.

This new climbing stand features built-in accessory holders on either side for range finders, binoculars, and rattling horns. There are accessories that, when they're at the hunter's fingertips, help him or her close the deal on the quarry.

The unique pivot arm design on the patented Drone allows it to pack up less than 4 inches thick. Actually three styles of climbing stand in one, the Drone allows the hunter to have a shooting rest, a straight bar, and a footrest. The Drone comes standard with the Comfortech net seat, which is the quietest and most comfortable seat on the market. Sturdily constructed, the Drone weighs just 25 pounds but can hold up to 300 pounds of hunter and gear.

To learn more, please visit www.olmanoutdoors.com.

About OL’MAN Outdoors:

Makers of high quality tree stands and hunting accessories, including ladder stands, climbing stands, fixed position stands, and tripods.

For more information, visit: www.OlManOutdoors.com.

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