Oregon Mass Murder: Here Come The Lies

Umpqua Community College Shooting
Umpqua Community College Shooting
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance
Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance

Minnesota –-(Ammoland.com)- Most of the facts are still coming in on today’s mass murder in Oregon, but we do know a few things:

The anti-Second Amendment team is proud that it was a gun-free zone.*

That didn’t stop the murderer, but it certainly stopped anyone from stopping the murders.

We also know that the killer, who was 20 years old, was killed in an exchange of gunfire with the police. And, no, he didn’t have a carry permit. As in Minnesota, you have to be 21 in Oregon to legally carry.

At the campus, the average student age is 38. Since more than one in 16 adults in Oregon has a carry permit, there’s little doubt that one or more of the 800+ permit-holding students were nearby, but disarmed.

What this crime has in common with so many others is that people knew that this murderer intended to hurt and kill people (he wrote about it on social media)…but no one called the police.

None of these facts will stop the enemies of freedom from blaming YOU for this horrible crime, or for calling for more restrictions on your Second Amendment rights.

In fact, last week, presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called for a reinstatement of the failed “Assault Weapons” ban of 1994.

We expect the same from Minnesota lawmakers. And, like before, with your help, we intend to beat them.

About:We are the Minnesota Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, the organization behind CCRN (Concealed Carry Reform Now!). We are people from all walks of life who have banded together to preserve and protect all of our civil rights as gun owners. Visit: www.gocra.org

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One student at the college rushed the mad gunman, he was shot seven, yes seven time.

He is military veteran and will recover, slow and long, from his wounds.
He went around the building pulling fire alarms and telling students and faculty to get out now.

CCW Florida

I might be wrong but I do not know of any real life instance where the police are pro active. If you wold have known that the killer was going to be on campus and was going to kill people do you really think things would have been any different. You watch to much TV, police are not in the business of being proactive they are in the business of cleaning up after the shit hits the fan. The law does not work for a possible crime only after a crime is committed. Unless you threaten to kill the president… Read more »

Silver Bullet

This quote was in a USA Today article: “Throughout his presidency, especially after shootings, Obama has called for legislation to try to stop gun violence, including enhanced background checks, an assault weapons ban, and improved mental health programs. On this occasion, the president said, “it cannot be this easy for somebody who wants to inflict harm to get his or her hands on a gun.” What you do not hear is President Obama calling for an investigation into the background of the mass shooters, how many were being treated for mental illness, and how many of those were using SSRI’s… Read more »


Another DEM-Ol-Cat’s inspired terrorist (or paid hit-man) who sought out the likely “soft” target that had refused earlier to allow armed guards, or legally armed CCW permit holder students! Now Oslama’s got another notch in his pistol grip, to exploit the 2nd Amendment as the fault for everything wrong with his Constitution bashing power struggle. Wake up and get rid of the leader(less)ship in W.D.C.; and put us back on the road to being AMERICA!

Twin Cities Gun Owners & Carry Forum

Why hasn’t this been taken down? It’s full of completely incorrect and mis-identifying information about the shooter. Really irresponsible.


Obviously this article was written shortly after the news story broke as it is filled with inaccurate statements. The shooter was not 20 yrs. old but 26. By Oregon state law schools cannot ban a licensed to carry person or their weapons except in certain buildings. To my present knowledge only one licensed to carry person who was armed was on campus at the time of the incident. He apparently wasn’t in the area occurred or he chose not to act. The author of this article needs to withdraw it and republish it acknowledging the updated information in his analysis… Read more »


Nothing will change untill the B.obama connected media’s show and report the true facts and stats of gun owners
They never talk about how many lives are saved each and every day by law abiding gun owners and untill we have a fare and level playing field the unknowing general public will believe what they see and here by the controled media


Seems that murder is already against the law, just like assault. Those laws didn’t seem to stop any of the “mass” shooters. Maybe thinking people will realize that more laws will affect only the law-abiding. Did you hear the trash president mention how ineffective the “reasonable” and “common sense” gun laws in DC and Chicago are complete flops? 50 murders in Chicago last weekend it was reported. Nobody but the victim’s relatives seem to care. Where is the President and his buddy Mayor Emanuel except blaming inanimate objects instead of the murderous trash involved?


Over 400000 blocked sales of firearms to felons , less than 100 arrests for felons attempting to purchase firearms. Who doesn’t protect Americans? The BAFTE , FBI , that knowly allow this to continue. The liberal judges that allow felons out early because of overcrowding. Put the Convicts in tents then. Good enough for soldiers good enough for convicts. Farm out lifers to the Chinese prison system it would be cheaper. No one fears the prison system anymore make some changes.


I’m not sure where you got that 400K number, but if it is from NICS BC rejections, it is by no means, all felons. FYI, John Lott’s recent research indicates that annually, well over 20K NICS denials, >96 percent of the denials in fact, are due to errors in the database, and bar perfectly legal buyers from getting their guns. Further, most of the few remaining cases that are technically correct in identifying “prohibited persons,” are often not felons, but people who were involved in something like a misdemeanor domestic violence charge, or disturbing the peace (got in a fight)… Read more »


Tents, phooey. Bring back the prison farm: self supporting, or too bad. Further, stop with life sentencing. If someone is not fit for society, they certainly don’t deserve to be supported on your or my dime. If they can’t/won’t reform, cut them loose. In agriculture, this is known as selective thinning, and has been shown to strengthen the breed. As to who decides who gets thinned, the miscreants are self selecting by their repeated poor behavior.


I am tired of the LIES from ‘b.obama’ and his communists and muzzies who want to remove weapons from the hands of LEGAL LAW ABIDING Americans. They should instead ENFORCE the laws, AGAINST the CRIMINALS, which ARE on the books. Statical Federal Records PROVE the ‘doj’ and the ‘dhs’ refuses to prosecute the CRIMINALS. Stop shipping in anti-Americans who do not and will not become Americans. How many of these IMPORTs will join the “private army” that ‘b.obama’ has espoused early in his OCCUPATION of OUR White House.

Clark Kent

Calling the police because you believe someone intends to hurt or kill people due to internet postings is a waste of time for both you and the police. That is like expecting to have someone arrested because they like to play violent video games. A defense lawyer would LOVE to sue a police department for such an arrest. And the money the lawyer made for himself and his client would come out of the wallets of the taxpayers.


Something is very troubling here. This deranged man lined people up and asked them if they were Christians. If they said yes, he shot them in the head. If they said no, he shot them in the leg. “Houston, we have a problem”!


We have a Hate crime or act of terror.


School place violence……….

Kathryn Holland

and, the murderer was black (his mother is African)


Clark Kent, you are correct. Further, our individual liberty is only one side of a two sided coin. The other side is INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. In other words, our safety is our own to safeguard, in whatever way we need to. Several folks who were on the campus at the time of the shootings stated that they could have either prevented or at least minimized the damage, had they been in possession of their legal carry weapons. Some states are now re-affirming citizens’ right to carry legal weapons on their school campuses. Utah is one such state, and guess what: so… Read more »