Please Regulate Guns Like Cars!

By Rob Morse

Used gun salesman
Please Regulate Guns Like Cars
Slow Facts
Slow Facts

Louisiana- (  There is a popular idea that we should regulate firearms the way we regulate automobiles.

Really?  Let’s see where that road leads.

I wrote this for fun, but I was amazed at the ways we infringe on the right to bear arms.

Tell me what you think if we regulated firearms the way we regulate cars.

  • Because we now regulate guns like we regulate cars, each state and city now recognizes your drivers license license to carry concealed.
  • We can finally buy and sell our cars firearms across state lines.
  • I can walk into a gun showroom and drive away with my new firearm in minutes.
  • You can rent a gun for the afternoon if your gun is in the shop.
  • You and your friends can drive shoot all you want on your own property.
  • You can now own all the guns and ammunition you want.,. and you can store them anywhere you have room.
  • Several people can own and operate the same firearm.
  • Because we now regulate guns like we regulate cars, there is no age limit to own a gun.  Parents, grandparents and relatives can now freely give guns to small children.  You mail in a piece of paper, and the state sends you a new title for your gun in a few weeks.  Now that is sweet.
  • The city provides gun-storage locations free of charge in front of no-gun zones in order to attract customers to downtown.  About time.
  • Courts will no longer take your cars guns away during a bitter divorce.
  • You can rent a gun at the airport if you didn’t want to fly with your gun.
  • A gun dealership will lease you a firearm on a five year payment plan.
  • Now you can ship and buy gun part in the mail.
  • Now you can walk into the post office with your gun or gun parts.
  • Now that we regulate guns the way we regulate cars, even convicted felons can own a gun once they are off probation.
  • You can now own a gun of any length without having to ask the government for permission.
  • You can now put a muffler on your guns without having to ask your sheriff or police chief for permission.  (My neighbors thank you.)
  • Your 16 year old can bring a gun to school, and to his after school job.
  • When your goofball nephew shoots a gun in public without a license.. he now gets a ticket.. and you get a phone call to come pick up your gun.
  • You can have gun stores and shooting ranges next door to schools, daycare centers, hospitals and churches!  Hallelujah, we’re free at last!
  • We will finally have gun shops on every other corner to sell ammunition and Doritos.  Your local convenience store changes its name to Shoot-and-Scoot.
  • Now kids can get their concealed carry permit at 16 years of age.
  • Schools now offer gun safety and defensive shooting classes when kids are 15 years old.
  • Kids can carry concealed with adult supervision once they are 15 ½ years old and have their learner’s license.
  • Some old people loose their concealed carry permits when they can’t pass the vision test.
  • There are no more gun safe and gun lock regulations!
  • You can assemble your own gun in your garage.. from a kit.
  • Just like a truck, you will need a special firearms license to operate guns that weigh more than 26 thousand pounds.
  • Gun dealers and gunsmiths don’t need federal reporting requirements any longer.
  • You and your friends decide who will be the designated concealed carrier if you’re going drinking.
  • We finally get rid of national gun registration.
  • I might even get a tax credit if I buy a small and efficient gun.  I love this country!

I had not realized all the ways’ we restrict firearms owners.  Unfortunately, politicians like power more than we like freedom.  That is why we won’t regulate guns like we regulate cars.

What do you think?

I wrote a similar article, “If Cars Were Regulated Like Guns”

About Rob Morse: Rob writes about gun rights at Ammoland, at Clash Daily and on his SlowFacts blog.   He co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast.  He is also an NRA pistol instructor and combat handgun competitor.

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I don’t think I like the idea of “sending in a piece of paper and get a new title to the gun” Is this REGISTRATION?
The Govt. has no business as to how many guns I possess. PERIOD


Sure we can regulate guns like cars……

Once they regulate free speech, freedom of religion (or not any religion), etc etc etc.


Mr Morse an interesting and somewhat amusing article. I for one like the idea of equal treatment of cars and guns. As you probably realize, the extreme left would shout and holler until the law died. Even if it got past the anti gun folks, many of the readers here would scream and holler and say things like” lock and load”, and vow to fight. Thus lies the problem of any lawful approach that really does make some sense. Neither side will be OK with any real solution going forward.

Jack L

Now car dealerships can be sued if a customer drives drunk and kills someone with their car, reckless driving etc.

Theresa Threadgill

I like this idea. I always go armed. So I do target practice a lot.
My neighbor also has a gun alley on his place.

George Hill

Or if we did the opposite and regulated Cars like we regulated Guns, that just might reduce the greater number of automotive accidents that kill far more people every year than any gun violence.


Actually, the govt regulating cars has failed as the death toll shows. Same with guns. We were safer before we had gun control.


Right on! The loose nut behind the wheel will render every safety measure man can dream up ~Useless~
The parallel is the same ” My automobile has never left the driveway and killed anyone WITHOUT ASSISTANCE.
” My LOADED Guns have never killed anything that the OPERATOR did not designate as a target.