R4E from Meprolight: Brightest Tritium Powered Sights

Meprolight R4E Sight
Meprolight R4E Sight


Farmingdale, NY -(AmmoLand.com)- Meprolight, manufacturer of the finest night sights and optics designed specifically for the Israeli Defense Forces has joined forces with two decorated U.S. Special Forces soldiers with years of experience in counter-terrorism units and instruction at the most elite spec ops schools in the military, to develop the tritium powered combat sight— the R4E.

The much-anticipated optimized duty sight is now available for the Glock 17/19 and ready for shipment across the U.S. R4E versions for other pistol models will soon follow. This tritium-powered duty sight is ideal for all lighting conditions and can be relied on in even the harshest combat scenario.

Based on their combat experience, Sergeant Major (ret.) Jack Nevil and First Sergeant (ret.) Chance Gianelli recognized the importance of quickly and accurately placing the sight picture on the threat. Their combat analysis of existing sights led them to develop a sight, which would enhance a shooter’s capability to get on target faster and more accurately.

The rear sight features two horizontal lines and one vertical line, which line up with the tritium dot and vertical line on the front sight. The additional lines create a reticle effect and cause the eye to naturally focus on the front sight, which is critical in defensive shooting situations.

Both the front and rear sights are reverse angled in order to “bite” into belts, steering wheels or any edge for racking the slide, if needed.

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The Mako Group
The Mako Group

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Of course, I haven’t tried these yet, but it seems to me that the vertical line on the front sight would tend to create the “reticle effect” BELOW the actual line of the correct sight alignment with the front DOT centered in the rea sight wouldn’t it? It looks like it would create a “cross-hairs effect” with the dot above it, and one would think the eye would naturally align the cross-hairs with the target rather than the front dot itself. Hard to believe experts like these guys would have gotten it wrong, though, so there must be something I’m… Read more »