Sheriff Brad Rogers to Ignore Anti-Gun Executive Orders ~ VIDEO

Sheriff Brad Rogers to Ignore Anti-Gun Executive Orders
Sheriff Brad Rogers to Ignore Anti-Gun Executive Orders

Gun Owners of America

Washington, DC -( GOA Life Member, Sheriff Brad Rogers, has announced that he will NOT be enforcing any anti-gun Executive Orders. Sheriff Rogers faults President Obama for politicizing the gun issue and chastises him for suggesting we should follow the gun-confiscation policies of Australia and Great Britain.

Having taken an oath to uphold the Constitution, Sheriff Rogers says that when “there’s laws or orders that violate Constitution, I don’t have to obey them.” Rather than confiscating guns, Sheriff Rogers says we should repeal gun-free zones which are “kill zones.”

Rogers also noted that there are “quite a few pro-Second Amendment chiefs out there [who] vowed not to enforce any anti-Second Amendment laws or orders.”

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    1. Obama is the greatest gun salesman on the planet! If he were worried about Americans owning guns he would keep that treasonist mealy mouth of his closed on gun control. The second he wispers gun control the gun shops are out of product. Keep up the good work Obama. Katrina is a good example of what the feds can do in a real situation, which is nothing. They could not handle one event like Katrina so how are they going to take on the largest standing army in the world-WE THE PEOPLE. The first time they start implementing gun confiscation, they will be shut down as there are far too many patriots, law enforcement and military that will side with the constitution. Government is good at two things, create a crisis and then make Americans pay for it. I don’t vote because the circus is rigged. Corporations own this treasonist government so just follow the money and you can follow the corruption. Our boys and girls are dying for money not principle because war is big money and America has been at war since it began.

    2. The Brad I know will defend he has already ran an over bearing Department of Ag enforcement officer out of Elkhart County. We know he has our backs and there are hundreds of us that have his. He lives the statement WE THE PEOPLE

    3. The DEMOCRATS are the a$$holes that are responsible for these scumbags and their anti American activity. When are these communist loving unions and DEMOCRATS going to join AMERICANS and defeat these scumbags who hate AMERICA? Get rid of obama, clinton, reid, boxer, feinstein, schumer, cuomo and the list goes on and on. Add mcconnell and mccain to that list. SAVE AMERICA, VOTE AMERICA.

    4. So the real question is will he defend gun owners when the federal government shows up to confiscate guns?

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