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The Weapon Hunter
The Weapon Hunter
Smithsonian Channel
Smithsonian Channel

New York, September 8, 2015 -( – Up next on THE WEAPON HUNTER, the new antique weaponry series on Smithsonian Channel.

Premieres Monday, October 12 at 8 p.m. ET/PT – Smithsonian Channel
Shull sets out on a cross-country quest to settle a 70-year-old argument about which was the deadliest sniper rifle of World War II. To settle this dispute, Shull turns to collectors who help him get his hands on sniper versions of the British Lee Enfield, the American M1 Garand, the German Mauser K98, and the Soviet SVT40. Along the way, he gets caught up in a quest for the holy grail of the collecting world, authentic World War II sniper scopes. Shull puts the best World War II rifles to the test, under the guidance of an ex-special forces marksman who introduces him to what being a sniper is all about.

1) What Was the Best WWII Sniper Rifle?


2) This Woman was one of WWII’s Deadliest Snipers:

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Entrepreneur, impresario and competitive fencer, Paul Shull is a renaissance punk whose passion for history started at the tender age of eight. Growing up listening to his great-grandfather’s stories of fighting in both World Wars, Shull quickly developed a fascination for history, militaria, and artifacts. By his teens, he started collecting World War II medals and exploring the riveting stories behind them. Today, Paul has a wide collection of precious swords, dating as far back as the 1700s, but it’s still the tales behind these weapons that continue to fascinate him more than anything.

Before Shull became the host of ‘The Weapon Hunter,’ he circled the globe, working at some of the world’s largest music festivals as a promoter with acts like The Used, Gold Finger, and the Bloodhound Gang. When he’s not on television, Shull restores some of Canada’s oldest homes and chairs the Canadian Fencing Federation’s Historical Committee. Beyond music, fencing, and historic homes, Paul also has a passion for military technology. As a weapons enthusiast, he tempers his love of firepower with compassion and deep respect for those who’ve lost their lives in battle.