South Carolina Officials Seize Thousands Of Stolen Guns

South Carolina Officials Seize Thousands Of Stolen Guns
South Carolina Officials Seize Thousands Of Stolen Guns
Fox News
Fox News

South Carolina – -( A South Carolina man was arrested Saturday after deputies seized thousands of stolen guns in his home and a nearby storage building.

Chesterfield County Sheriff Jay Brooks told WBTV deputies made a startling discovery at the Pageland home of Brent Nicholson, 51, who has been charged with possession of stolen property.

“There’s like 150 chainsaws, probably 250 to 300 taxidermy mounts, somewhere between 7,000 and 10,000 stolen weapons,” Brooks said.

The sheriff told the station almost all of the weapons were shotguns and hunting rifles and that it looked like Nicholson was hoarding guns others had stolen for him. There was no indication Nicholson was a gun trafficker, he said.

The guns may have been stolen from North Carolina homes and hunting clubs. Nicholson’s home is near the state’s border.

“None of us have ever seen anything anywhere close to this,” Brooks told the station. “No telling how many break-ins this will help wrap up.”

The Charlotte Observer reported that hundreds more weapons were found at a liquor store Nicholson and his father run and at the father’s house.

“There were so many guns we quit counting after a while,” the sheriff told the paper.

Also found were crossbows, ammunition, tools, air compressors and 4-wheelers that authorities also believe were stolen.

The weapons and the loot were hauled away in four 40-foot tractor-trailers.

Brent Nicholson (Union County Sheriff’s Office)

Nicholson had been charged earlier in the week with selling opium and heroin in Union County, WBTV reported.

Deputies in that case went to Nicholson’s house on Friday to serve him with a subpoena.

They found chainsaws and a welder “in plain sight” on the front law that had been reported stolen only days earlier, that station and The Observer reported. The deputies knew because they had written the stolen property reports.

“They went to a judge and got a search warrant and went back to the house and found literally thousands of guns,” Brooks told The Observer. “They secured the scene and called everybody in. We’ve been there ever since and we’ll probably be working on this into next week.”

Brooks said Nicholson has a “lengthy record,” according to the newspaper.

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I wonder how many of those guns the cops keep for themselves? If any ever make it back to owners and do they look to persecute orginal gun owners , to corruptly make a finacial gain on them ? I dont trust any government agency, they probably work for obama’s boy, Lyndsay Graham? He has his head so far up Obama’s butt, he can smell his morning breakfast!!!

Jay Clark

Clark: If they stopped counting, they stopped any legally required inventory and any semblance of responsibility. And thus they are not in a position to be trusted with either the prosecution of the alleged offender, or the safe return of stolen property. Why trust the cops and why give them a free pass when they prove by their very attitudes (words) that they are not willing to act in a responsible way. A bigger inventory is no reason to suspend taking an inventory. That is just silly. Were they too busy annoying the public with traffic tickets? Goodness! JWC


The Sheriff could create a great deal of money for his county if he sells the property. Naturally, he should return the items to the lawful owner if possible and only sell the remaining goods. Additionally, there is much more to this story than in known or is being told. It seems that a very large organization has been in operation here!

Nashoba Losa

ATF needs to be folded into the FBI so they will be functional for good and not for a tool of the liberal socialists in charge. I, too, doubt the Fed will be active for a good reason. They may jump in for political reasons, though.


I could be wrong but I believe they said he was already a convicted felon. If so, possession of each of those firearms is a Federal Felony, punishable by a ten year prison sentence and/or a $25,000 fine. Let’s see if ATF, well known for making life miserable for for FFL holders for small mistakes, jumps in on this case and claims Federal jurisdiction. I won’t hold my breath.


Have to wonder how these items of value were handled as they were loaded into the trucks, being so many?


I hear what you’re saying Wally. If the Sheriff’s Dept. got tired of counting, how in the world could that may rifles have been safely secured in such a way that would not have damaged them ten fold. The Sheriff said that this seizure would likely clear up many break ins, either that means that they don’t plan on returning the victims pride and joy, or somebody’s prized pristine 1925 Winchester Model 54 will show up looking like a beat up Mosin Nagant without the cosmoline.

Clark Kent

I highly doubt the burglar stored the stolen firearms in museum quality storage conditions. The majority were probably in pretty rough shape when they were discovered. Nice try to attempt to place the blame on the Sheriff.

Grey Beard

Well Clark, we are fortunate here to have you and your “special” eyes to describe to us the horrible condition of gun storage by the perp. Thanks for that.
But in my case, I’ll wait until we know more and then place the blame for the condition of each firearm squarely where it belongs, on the perp or on the SO.


Having been around LEO’s all my life and my latest experience of a shotgun I loaned that has “gone missing” and I know where it’s present home is and it’s not the Property Room at the Jail. I suspect the cream of the crop have found new loving homes. No Background Checks here?


Thanks for your input Clark, but I believe you misunderstand my intent. Believe me, I believe that the offender in this ought to receive a special firearms enema, I was commenting on the actions of those entrusted in solving crimes and returning stolen property in the exact condition they were found, My best educated guess is that since we only see a very small portion of the guns reported in the picture posted. That leads me to believe that there were likely also treasure troves of the more expensive firearms. If you were to buy 10k firearms at auction, would… Read more »

2nd Amender

Likely, this criminal knew everyone of the owners, at least casually, as a customer of the liquor store, engaged them in conversation about firearms and set them up to be burglarized by his minions.
Lock him up! Throw away the key!


Damn !