Vote Yes on Texas Prop 6 : Constitutional Right to Hunt & Fish

Texas Constitutional Amendment Election, Vote For Prop 6 and Protect the Right to Hunt and Fish.

Constitutional Right to Hunt & Fish
Constitutional Right to Hunt & Fish
Texas State Rifle Association
Texas State Rifle Association

Houston, Tx –-( In 1876 Article Seventeen of the Texas Constitution outlined the one process for changing the state’s Constitution.

Amendments may be proposed by a two-thirds majority vote in both chambers of the Legislature. Only then may a change be proposed on the ballot for the voters’ decision.

SJR 22 was filed by Senator Brandon Creighton (R-Conroe). A companion bill was filed in the Texas House by Representative Trent Ashby (R-Lufkin).

With Ashby’s help in the House, the Senate bill passed. The Texas Secretary of State drew for ballot placement in June and SJR 22 became Proposition 6 and added to the November 3rd ballot.

Voting Information

  • Last day for Voter Registration is tomorrow, October 5th.
  • Early Voting begins on October 19th and ends October 30th.
  • Election Day is Tuesday, November 3rd 2015

Why does Texas need a constitutional amendment to protect hunting and fishing rights? Don’t we have this right now?

No, we do not. Twenty states have passed constitutional amendments recognizing citizens’ right to hunt and fish using traditional methods in an effort to protect this essential form of recreation and game management from ever-growing attacks by anti-sporting organizations.

In today’s Texas, hunting and fishing is the preferred method for managing game populations but as Texas grows in population and as land develops, other so called “more humane” methods such as pharmaceuticals could replace our hunting and fishing traditions. The time and opportunity to add this layer of protection is now!

Will this action remove the authority of Texas Parks and Wildlife?

No, the language was drafted by Stephen Holbrook, a constitutional lawyer at NRA’s request. Before session began the initial proposal was reviewed by Texas Parks and Wildlife with their legal, enforcement, and wildlife divisions in attendance. Next step was a review by Texas Outdoor Partners, a large coalition of hunting and fishing groups from across the state.

The language for this amendment to the Texas Constitution was filed by Senator Creighton in the Senate and Representative Ashby in the House. SJR 22 passed in both Legislative Chambers by the required 2/3s. SJR 22 is now Proposition 6 on your General Election ballot.

Will this amendment impact licensing requirements or private property rights?

No, the language was carefully crafted simply to protect what we have today and what we all believe to be traditional hunting and fishing as we know it.

Who supports this action?

The list of hunting and Second Amendment groups is impressive: Austin Woods and Waters, Safari Club International, Dallas Safari Club, Houston Safari Club, Lone Star Bowhunters, NRA, National Wild Turkey Federation, Quail Coalition, Rocky Mountain Elk, Pheasants Forever, Saltwater-Fisheries Enhancement, San Antonio League of Bass Clubs, SCI-Houston, Texas Association of Bass Clubs, Texas B.A.S.S Nation, Texas Bighorn Society, Texas Black Bass, Texas Mule Deer Foundation, Texas Deer Association, Texas Dog Hunters Association, Texas Dove Hunters Association, Texas Forestry Association, Texas Hawking Association, Texas Organization of Wildlife Management Associations, Texas State Chapters of National Turkey Federation, Texas State Rifle Association, Texas Trophy Hunters, Texas Wildlife Association, Wildlife Habitat Federation and others.

There are other constitutional amendments on the November ballot so watch for Prop 6 and vote!

Vote For Prop 6
General Election Day
November 3rd 2015

Also, members, we’re now officially in the campaign season and we have friends in high places who may be at risk for reelection. Please give to the PAC and re-new or upgrade your TSRA membership.

We must not sacrifice one single right to the criminal misuse of a firearm or be a part of the politics of the “gun”.

And as always,
Keep the faith.

Alice Tripp
Legislative Director
Texas State Rifle Association
the NRA state affiliate


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This bill needs another name. A constitutionally protected right needs no licensing. It is a bad idea to pretend they do.