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Tree Stand Buddy
Tree Stand Buddy
Tree Stand Buddy
Tree Stand Buddy

Suffolk County, NY -( As bow hunters, our job of getting close to the game we pursue is without a doubt probably one of the most rewarding parts of our sport.

However, this task is often easier said than done. We tend to lead busy lives and spending time prowling the woods, hanging lock-on after lock-on. This is a very time consuming and tedious task. While we often want to slip into certain areas, near a big buck’s bedroom for instance, bulky, traditional, hang-on stands don’t really allow for a quick and quiet approach.

The good news is that many hunters are finding that Tree Stand Buddy provides an ideal solution to the above-mentioned challenges. With the Tree Stand Buddy system, hunters can have multiple hunting locations ready to use while only having to own one lock-on style tree stand. The cutting-edge design of TSB offers a two-piece system that safely secures most hang-on tree stands to almost any tree.

Rather than trekking back and forth to your truck and hauling multiple stands to the field, just take multiple tree brackets (sold in TSB Receiver Two-Packs) instead. With the TSB Receivers, you can move through the woods quickly and quietly, looking for those “sure-to-produce-a-trophy-buck” trees. When you find an ideal location for a stand, attach the TSB Receiver to the tree with the TSB Ultimate Ratchet Straps while using your climbing harness and other safety equipment. That’s it. You’re done. Once you have attached the TSB stand bracket to your favorite stand, you can quickly and quietly install [your/that] stand in any of the locations you just set up. Using multiple TSB Receivers allows you to prep several stand locations without leaving a serious human footprint on your coveted hunting grounds or having to lug multiple stands through the woods.

Smart hunters always keep an extra tree bracket or two handy for those moments when they need to make a quick move. As the season progresses, deer often change travel routes and new patterns emerge. These new patterns are often detected while sitting in a stand, and with the TSB system, you can move in a moment’s notice. Rather than removing your entire setup, simply step off the stand onto your climbing steps or sticks while remaining attached to the tree via your chosen safety system. Next, remove the tree stand straps and then (keeping it attached to the hoisting rope) lift the stand out of the bracket. You can now climb down the tree and lower the stand safely to the ground with the hoisting rope. This is accomplished in a matter of minutes, and with minimal disturbance.

Next, move to your newly discovered hunting location and attach another TSB Receiver to the tree with the TSB Ultimate Ratchet Straps. Thread your hoisting rope through the V-shaped loop on the tree bracket and climb down. While on the ground, fasten the rope to your stand, hoist the stand to the desired height, and tie off the hoisting rope. That’s right – with the Tree Stand Buddy you never have to carry a stand up or down a tree again. Now that you have your stand at the appropriate height, climb the tree and slide the bracket onto the receiver and attach the tree stand manufacturer’s straps. You’re now ready to hunt from a sturdy, secure stand to take advantage of your new-found evidence of deer movement, and you’ll have done so quickly and quietly.

With multiple tree brackets placed at ideal stand locations, hunters can quickly move to the deer as weather conditions or game activity dictates. Nothing is more versatile than hunting with the Tree Stand Buddy system and giving yourself the best opportunity for a successful hunt.

Tree Stand Buddy continues to make hunting safer, easier and much more enjoyable and is “Coming to a Tree Near You.”

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About Tree Stand Buddy:

The Tree Stand Buddy slide-mount system is the fastest, easiest and safest way ever to hang your stand. With Tree Stand Buddy you no longer have to climb a tree carrying your stand. And, it’s rock solid, sturdy and quiet!

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