24 Senate Democrats Urge Obama To Sidestep Congress For Gun Control

By AWR Hawkins

Democrats War on Guns
Democrats War on Guns
AmmoLand Gun News
AmmoLand Gun News

Washington DC – -(Ammoland.com)- On Monday, 24 2015 Senate Democrats urged President Obama to circumvent Congress by using executive action to expand background checks to cover private gun sales.

The effort is being pushed by Sens. Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Chris Murphy (D-CT), but was also championed by Senator Sen. Tim Kaine (D-VA) days after the on-air August 26 attack of a reporter and cameraman near Roanoke, VA.

The gunman in that attack–Vester Flanagan–passed a background check for his handgun, so Kaine’s push would have done nothing to prevent the attack from happening.

According to WMDT, the latest two Senators to join the effort to get Obama to go around Congress are Sens. Chris Coon (D-DE) and Tom Carper (D-DE). The Senators want Obama to use executive action to expand background checks to include private gun owners who sell a certain number of guns each year.

Breitbart News previously reported that Obama began talking about this expansion after the October 1 2015 Umpqua Community College attack. NBC News reported that the threshold being weighed for triggering background checks on private gun owners was “50 or 100 guns a year” being sold.

But Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety is pressing Obama to require a background check for any gun sold if that gun was owned less than a year before being sold–even if one gun is all that is sold in a calendar year.

This is an insidious way to secure all the new regulations on gun shows that Democrats have pursued, but failed to secure, for nearly two decades. It is also a devious way to take another step toward a national gun registry, which would have to exist for all new gun purchases in order to know whether a private gun owner keeps a firearm for longer than a year before selling it.

It is interesting to note that background checks were passed for all the guns used in the Umpqua Community College attack. So the executive action being demanded by 24 Senate Democrats would not have prevented that heinous attack from happening.

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@Max – They’re easy to identify, anybody that has a (D) after their name. It’s more efficient than a ‘Do not vote for list’.

resistance is futile

Common sense for Democrats (learn these rules please):
1.criminals do not obey laws.
2.unarmed citizens are easier to oppress if this is your plan.
3.the supreme court has decided that the police are only obligated to protect us in a general way? But not specifically.
4.firearms can be used to deter criminals even if not fired.
Now for some humor:
1.the only rotary device better than a phone has six cylinders and is only good for sending criminals a message.


We need the names in order to exercise democracy. Please list the people or at least give us the location of where this list may be.


Names, please.


Need names for recall lists , make them pay by losing their JOB, serving us.


Without a list of these 24 a$$holes, this article is incomplete. Dows Ammoland have an editor?

Red Fotog

Look at the states…Connecticut and Delaware…and Virginia? Looks like Tim Kaine is not looking to get reelected in VA. If 0bama enacts some foolishness as these ash-holes are suggesting, there will be open insurrection…and I hope the Military gets pízzed off, too. Can anyone spell “coup d’ état”?


There is ONE thing that anyone can do about these kink of people that really help criminals that gun laws have no effect on…and that is if anything (crime happening by criminals, especially if they shoot someone) is cause to charge those anti-freedom law makes with AIDING AND ABETTING CRIMINALS in the commission of a armed crime. The anti-gun law makers have completely failed by not going after the criminals and instead going after the victims. If any such indecent happened to me or my family I will then go after them with all the criminal charges that I I… Read more »

David Sommer

You can’t reason with people that have already accepted payment. The time for talk is over as it was in during the formation of our country. It’s time for war once again for the same reason. People like Soros and Bloomberg need to be eradicated as well.


These fools don’t realize that if they do ban guns it will start a war. And it will be bloody! Maybe too, that’s what they want!
They forget their History and the U.S. Constitution that binds this Country together, with God at the helm!

Alan Duerson

Just remember that any vote for a democrat is a vote against freedom.


Post the names of all these anti-freedom fools so that everyone knows whom to vote out of office.


All of his executive orders will expire January of 2017.


Well so much for my states (DE) senators spouting off about being all for the 2nd amendment, that is a crock of sh*t seeing they are joining in on this effort. I do think that you should post a list of all 24 names so that those of us that care about our 2A rights can support candidates that are going up against these senators in the next election cycle.

Don in LA

If you post the names of the 24 we can give $ to their opposition next election cycle, or run a pro gun candidate from their own party in a primary.