Anderson’s No Lube Rifle & C Products Defense to be Featured on History of the Gun

What to Watch on TV?
What to Watch on TV?
C Products Defense
C Products Defense

Conklin, NY -( What to watch on television Tuesday evenings has become increasingly easier with the 4th Quarter new hit television show, History of the Gun.

This Tuesday, November 24th, History of the Gun will feature Anderson’s No Lube Rifle and C Products Defense Magazines. The Anderson Rifle is the World’s Only NO LUBE Rifle. Using nano-technology, their RF85 treatment is permanent and attaches at the molecular level.

The Anderson AR-15 fires with 85% less friction, 23% faster action, never needs oiling and cleans up with soap and water. Because the rifle needs no oiling, there is no oil present in the rifle that would normally be burned into a carbon when the gun is fired. This makes clean up easy with quick.

When Anderson Rifles was first showcased on History of the Gun in October, they wowed the shooting sports industry with their No Lube Rifle and Jeremy Hammons stole the show when he cleaned the gun in the creek and uttered the words “I think she’s clean!” This time viewers will get to learn even more about the rifles and how they are designed.

“This is a revolutionary rifle and amazing technology,” says History of the Gun Executive Producer Bill Rogers. “We were so impressed with how little carbon build up there is. Our viewers will get to witness first-hand the results as we break down the rifle after 700 rounds of firing. There was almost nothing to clean and we did so with only soap and water right in front of the camera. In addition, the viewer will get an insider’s look at the manufacturing process and the Anderson facility which is truly impressive.”

“In addition to never needing lubrication or oil,” continues Rogers. “The Anderson Rifles lasts longer, they remain more accurate because the rifling in the barrel never has a carbon buildup that needs to be reamed out and they can fire more rounds between cleanings. Given these are Made in America, the Anderson Rifle could be the perfect firearm for hunters, competitive shooters and Law Enforcement alike.”

Anderson Rifles are manufactured in the heart of America in Hebron, Kentucky. You can learn more about their rifles and find a complete list of their dealers on their website at:

In addition to the Anderson showcase, History of the Gun will also shine the spotlight on C Products Defense Magazines and their new 7.62×39 magazines which is taking the shooting industry by storm. C Products Defense recently set a world record when a major firearm manufacturer test-fired over 100,000 continuous rounds through their magazines with zero failures. No other magazine even came close.

“The new 7.62×39 magazines from C Products Defense is truly revolutionizing the industry,” say executive producer Bill Rogers.

“The response we’ve had on the show because of these magazines has been historic,” continues Rogers. “This company is always innovating and has provided the only 7.62×39 solution that actually works. Our crew recently returned from NASGW and we had manufacturers tell us they are now building 7.62×39 platforms again because they now have a viable magazine thanks to C Products Defense. Recently on the show we covered the history of the firearm magazine which included the acceptance by many that magazines will jam from time to time. C Products Defense has removed this from the shooting equation which has made for a very excited shooting community and for some very exciting TV.”

C Products Defense is America’s family owned firearm magazine manufacturer located in Bradenton, Florida. More information can be found on their website at:

History of the Gun is produced by American Outdoors, the oldest outdoor television show in America, and is truly both a national and international television show with over 38 million viewers in the United States and 64 million viewers worldwide. Each week History of the Gun, through scholarly interviews and factory tours, covers iconic firearms of the past and looks how they have advanced to present day and takes a peek at what’s on the drawing board for tomorrow. History of the Gun airs on the Hunt Channel on Dish TV (channel 266) on Tuesday nights at 8:00 pm. You can consult their Channel Guide for additional information:

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History of the Gun also airs on WILD-TV, Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm in Canada and in Europe to include: the UK, Finland, Bulgaria, Estonia. Slovakia and the Czech Republic. You can consult their Channel Guide for additional information:

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For more information on History of the Gun, you can log onto the website at:

About C Products Defense:

C Products Defense is America’s family-owned magazine manufacturer and an ISO 9001 certified company proud to be manufacturing state-of-the-art magazines in the United States. C Products Defense uses raw materials sourced in America and our magazines are made in America by Americans. C Products Defense produces the only magazine in the world guaranteed never to jam. We provide magazines for hunters, competitive shooters, military, law enforcement in addition to OEM magazines for firearm manufacturers.

For more information, visit: