AR-15 Podcast 145 – The Tavor Rifle

AR-15 Podcast
AR-15 Podcast

DeKalb, Illinois –-(  Reed Snyder and James are back to bring you Episode 145 of the AR-15 Podcast.

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Episode 145 is on the IWI Tavor rifle. What is it, and what is unique about it. Chambered in 5.56mm, the Tavor is the service rifle for the Israeli Defense Force. The guys begin with a little history for your listening pleasure. Thereafter, they delve into the unique features of the rifle such as its bullpup design and gas piston operation. Also discussed some variants and unique operational capabilities. Never one to be unbalanced, Reed and James also cover some of the downsides such as price and trigger. Finally, the episode covers accessories and a verdict on the rifle overall. Tune in for more information about this unusual rifle!

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